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Thread: game freeze

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    my friend is having some problems with his system.. he just upgraded to amd anthalon xp 1800, the problem is that his computer keeps crashing when he plays games.. now he has two hard drives the slave one is where the games are located... also he is using 256mb sdram pc 133 ... could any of these be causing the problem... also he is running it on winxp using a ecs k7s5a

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    Ok the biggest problem with that motherboard that's being used is getting a PSU of high enough rating to power it propperly (I know as I've just been thru this). :(
    Over at OCWorkbench they have a whole forum dedicated to this board and it's problems which nearly all related to power issues though sometimes using 2 sticks of memory can also be a problem. :eek:
    Read this FAQ page they have up on PSU's.
    Also set the motherboard to 100/133, yes I know its underclocking, but if it runs at this setting or at 100/100 then very likely it's the PSU and the 3.3v & 5v rails are not supplin' enough wattage to run the board.
    I use to wonder about ppl havin' probs with this board as the one here ran for 6mths with a hitch then suddenly I was gettin' corrupted data everywhere but after reading a hundred or so threads in that forum (there are well over 300 threads there on this) and running loops of memtest86 it came down to the PSU degrading enough over time to the stage that it would not run the system at stock speed without corruption so a new PSU was obtained and the problem has been fixed.
    Wasn't much fun runnin' a 1200MHz Athlon at 900MHz I tell ya and as the board may be a budget one but budget PSU's can't be used with them. Oh and low end Enermax PSU's won't cut it either. :smokin:

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