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Thread: Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

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    Default Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

    ok so wats a Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

    or if u want to take extream overclocking a E6400 at 3.8ghz (this is for example)so pretty much overclocked to the max while still stable how long do u think they'll last before they jst die(years,months,days?)?

    so jst generally 2 questions kinda

    1. ok so wats a Overclocked CPU's, estimated life for a modirate overclock say a E6400 at 3ghz

    2. and second a Overclocked CPU's, estimated life for a extreame overclock max until unstable say somewhere between 3.4ghz-3.8ghz(depending on ur cpu)

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    Default Re: Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

    My 2.4 p4c was oc'ed to 3.2 with air cooling and lasted about 3 years but then it did not die, i simply sold it to my friend and its still working.
    CPU: Opteron 165 @ 311x9 - 2817.8 mhz - 1.47v
    Mobo: Abit KN8-SLI
    RAM: 2x512 Crucial Ballistic Tracers500 @ 202 mhz 2-2-2-5 T1
    GFX: Asus EAX1950pro @ 648/1408
    PSU: Thermaltake 500w
    SC: Audigy 2 zs
    LCD: 22' Samsung 225bw
    Speakers: Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 Ultra
    Mouse: Logitech G5

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    Default Re: Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

    Overclocking in and of itself does not affect a CPU's life span. Heat does. A processor running at a near-constant 50c is unlikely to last for more than six or seven years. Even overclocked processors shouldn't be running that hot.

    A given processor will face obsolescence long before it gives out, given most circumstances. Extreme overclocking involving high voltages can kill a processor in minutes, hours, weeks, months, or just a few years. This type of overclocking simply isn't necessary with modern processors.

    What is affected by overclocking is the lifespan of the motherboard and power supply. Motherboards can last as long as processors, but overclocking and applying higher heat and voltage to a chipset can cause it to wear out in less than five years. Capacitors unsuitable for overclocking will often go out in under three years. Power supplies are just as bad.

    Overclocking with good components does not affect the life of anything significantly. Any sort of heat issues, low-quality capacitors, or a bad power supply could cause OCing to seriously reduce component life. CPUs in particular, however, simply do not have lifespan issues. They're hopelessly obsolete long before they die.

    With those specific CPUs and overclocks, you could last four to six years with the right components, maybe longer.

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    Default Re: Overclocked CPU's, estimated life??? say E6400 at 3ghz?

    HEAT is bad because you can literally fry your components. Get a liquid cooler. Overvolt too much is bad.

    To demonstrate that, get a 3 volt bulb and plug it in to a 3v battery. Bright, and the heat is controlled from the bulb. Now, plug in a 5-6v of juice to the same bulb, It is brighter and more heat is produced, like a processor was running faster, more speed and heat.

    Now, plug in 9-12 volts of juice to the same 3v bulb. The bulb glows very bright and then the bulb burns out. The effect is the same for the CPU overvolted too much. It produces too much heat, then dies. Ow.

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