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Thread: Questions on multi cored intel processors

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    Default Questions on multi cored intel processors

    I'm looking to build a new gaming system. My thoughts are that I'm interested in investing in a

    system that will last me as many years as possible. I'm looking to upgrade from a P4 3.0 GHz

    Originally, I was interested in a 2.66 GHz quad core extreme. Everything pointed to more = better.

    After a lot of looking around and reading, it's not looking that way. A lot of what I've read has

    pointed out that nothing utilizes the quad core well, and that the quad core is an ENORMOUS waste

    of money.
    After taking that into consideration, I thought it'd be a good idea to dim my processor down some.

    I decided to go with a simple dual core. That lead to the question of what the difference between

    would be between the x6800 2.93 GHz dual core extreme and the e6700 2.66 Ghz core duo. They've got

    the same fsb and cache size. Is it simply the clock speed? If so, why is it classified as the

    "dual core extreme" and a price difference of about $700.
    I'll keep this short, too keep from rambling, and leave a lot of it open to discussion. For the

    most part, I'm looking for a considerable upgrade, and if the components are worth the money, then

    that's fine with me. I'm interested in as many aspects as possible, especially the aspects I've

    overlooked. I apologize if I'm bringing up an old topic or two. I browsed over a lot of the topics

    and I didn't find my answer.
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    Default Re: Questions on multi cored intel processors

    folding uses Quad core nicely but your right most applications don't know how to use Quad effectively.

    how long are your planning on keeping this system?

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