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Thread: CPU Running very loud

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    Default CPU Running very loud

    My comp specs are:

    Pentium D 830 3.0GHZ,
    geforce 7600GT
    2 x 512MB CORSAIR DDR2

    The Ambient temperature is around 22C and my CPU is running at 44C idle.

    Why is the CPU Fan spinning at 3000RPM on such a low temperature??

    IT sometimes gets upto 3800RPM when im gaming and that is only 55C.

    There is absolutely NO dust in my PC, i jus bought a new case last week

    Im planning to upgrade to a pentium dual core, are they any better than this pentium D performance wise? [the 1.8GHZ one i can always overclock it if necessary]
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    Default Re: CPU Running very loud

    When fans begin running loud, they are usually dying. Most heatsinks use a common size fan and you can simply replace it, but if you enjoy the automatic speed adjustment in relation to temperature feature, you will need to make sure you get a fan that allows for this.

    And yes, the Core 2 Duo will smoke the hell out of your dated P4 processor. No amount of overclocking will bring it anywhere near the level of performance of this newer architecture.
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    Default Re: CPU Running very loud

    If your willing to spend money on the dual core why not just go quad core. At least you wont have to be worried about your computer becoming out dated . And the great thing is that the Q6600 quad core is only 279 for cpu. Great price I was going to upgrade my self to an Amd phenom but iam hearing alright things about them.

    COmp specs
    Amd fx-62
    2 8800gtxs
    ocz gamer xtream 700 watt
    power express 250 watt psu 5.25 bay size
    2 gigs of corsair will have 4 waiting for my other fried sticks to get back from Corsai

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