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Thread: New Intel Q9450 (2.66Ghz) CPU Idle Temp Equiry

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    Default New Intel Q9450 (2.66Ghz) CPU Idle Temp Equiry

    Hey there guys,

    Today I managed to get my hands on a new Intel Q9450 and upgraded from my old Q6600.

    I'm a little concerned at the idle temp of my Q9450.

    I'm using a Zalman 9700NT pure copper cooler my average idle temp for my Q6600 running at a stock speed of 2.4Ghz was ranging from 30 to 34.

    I assumed with the Q9450 that considering that it is based on 45nm wafer that it would run cooler therefore my idle temps would be lower that what I was achieving with my Q6600 but my current idle temp for the Q9450 ranges from 38 to 40.

    Does this sound about right to you guys?

    I would appreciate any feedback.


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    Default Re: New Intel Q9450 (2.66Ghz) CPU Idle Temp Equiry

    What are you using to measure temps?
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    Default Re: New Intel Q9450 (2.66Ghz) CPU Idle Temp Equiry

    With my 9450 oc'd to 3.2 with a TT120 cooler i have idle temps of 37 so yours if at stock seem a bit high though not high enough to get overly concerned sbout. Maybe you should try reseating the cooler and see if that help s and apply some AS5 to the cooler as well. What are your temps under load mine jump to about 60 but if your don't rise much it may be faulty temp reading if your not already using it download and use realtemp see what that says.

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