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Thread: Temperature question

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    Default Temperature question

    Right now I have a 5000+ black running at 201x15.5 (3115 mhz) at stock volts (1.35), my hsf on the cpu is the zalman 9500. For case fans I have a 69 cfm exhaust fan, and 3 intake fans (50, 20, and 20 cfm). The cables in my case are tidy, using a modular psu with cables either tucked away or zip tied to the chassis (sonata II case).

    Now here is my problem, on load speed fan, everest, and all other software reads my CPU temp at ~64 degrees C, everest also reads core1/2 at 32-33, each, which is obviously to low. I have reapplied the thermal compound a few times (using AS5) and made sure to follow the instructions (applied about a grain of rice sized blob to the middle and let the heat sink spread it out), every time I have removed it there was a nice round spread of paste on the proc and HS so it looked like it was on correctly. My ambient temp reads at 38 with proc on load, which I think is pretty reasonable. Room temp is 23 degrees.

    Thinking that 64 is a little crazy for this chip, I took a thermometer that has a wire running out of it on which the thermo diode is located and secured it between the heat sink plate and a heat pipe on the bottom of the heat sink and launched Orthos. After an hour the thermometer read out 43.3 degrees.

    Now, I don't think the proc temp can be that low, but I also don't think it can be much higher then the temperature of a good hsf (and the 9500 is supposed to be pretty decent), assuming that the hsf is mounted properly.

    This is the first computer I built so i don't have much experience in these areas.

    Has anyone ran into a similar situation? Could my sensors be wacko? Or am I just a terrible?!

    Edit: suppose I should have posted this in the cooling forums. ><
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    Default Re: Temperature question

    Brisbane temperature sensors do no work reliably. It is a known issue.
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    For thermal compound be sure to check this review:

    As for the temps, it is known issue that some of the chipset sensors might not read the temp correctly. In any way, since you're also overclocking, ever thought of going watercooled?

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