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Thread: putting AM2+ quad core Phenom into AM2 socket

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    Default putting AM2+ quad core Phenom into AM2 socket

    Is it worth it? I currently have a Athlon X2 6000+ CPU, and it doesn't seem like the dual-cores are getting much better than that. Is it worthwhile to upgrade to a quad-core AM2+ Phenom if my mobo has the AM2 socket (and not the AM2+)? I know some aspects of the AM2+ processors aren't available when plugged into an AM2 board, but would I still see some improvement over my current dual-core?


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    Default Re: putting AM2+ quad core Phenom into AM2 socket

    No not really would be better off waiting for a couple more months ang going for an am3 setup or going now for a am2+ board and running the 7750 be with ddr2 if u cant wait....its kinds a bad time to upgrade now as amd has a slew of new cpu's coming out fron jan to june running a abit am2+ board with a 5000be o/clocked to 3150mhz and being a non gamer[xbox 360] on the pc this computer is very quick...your 6000 should be enough till the new stuff shakes out a bit...I really dont see am3 being much faster than a good am2+ system ...Im going to wait till summer and then decide which way to go with am3..its cloudy right now as to which am3 cpu's will work in am2+ boards.the next few months it will all become much clearer..the am3 boards that are being previewed now have the 790 and 750 chips..the newer 890 series chipsets are coming and that may make am3 a bit faster but am3 on the same chipsets as am2+ cant be much faster than am2+ boards out now...these new ph2's out also seem to o/clock well even on the boards with the sb 600 so if you have the fever now you can get a good deal on some of these sb600 boards and when the ph2 cpu's drop in price some grab one up and load it in the am2+ board and you will be set for quite a while...I seem to upgrade every 12-18 months and what i run and use my computer for keeps me very happy as i have a system that is very snappy and pleasent to use..i am a motherboard junkie though and am constantly reading on new boards..the i7 boards are beautiful but the prices are are just to much for me to handle...amd is so much more affordable and with these new cpu's its as fast as ill ever need...think about all the new stuff coming out and then decide which way is best for you as far as budget and what you really use your computer for...if your not a gamer you can build a very fast computer and only use a mid line video card...if your a gamer it requires alot more cash with a top of the line video card....good luck with your decision.....this is all just one mans opinion so read and study and make your own decision......
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