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Thread: Intel Processor

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    Default Intel Processor

    I was told that my Intel Pentium E2140 Dual Core Processor 1.6GHz may be limiting the performance of my 8800GT. Is this true? If so, can I upgrade my processor and what can I upgrade to? I think I have a 775 socket motherboard. Have 2GB memory.

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    Default Re: Intel Processor

    could be possibly have you tried overclocking it like about 600mhz or so and see if you get a huge FPS jump on games or benchmarks? all core2's seem to get there best jump about 600mhz over so maybe try that. if you know how to overclock! =(

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    Default Re: Intel Processor

    Of course it is. clock speed is too slow so a fast graphics card will do u no good. As suggested, u should try to overclock the pentium dual core...
    its OC abilities are very very good, easily reach 3GHZ on air cooling!
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    Default Re: Intel Processor

    woops i didnt notice he said
    Pentium E2140 Dual Core
    my bad lawl =(

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    Question Without OC, what would be a good CPU?

    Without over clocking what would be a good Intel 775 socket CPU that would get the most out of an 8800GT?

    If not a specific part, then what GHz should the CPU be running at?
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    Default Re: Intel Processor

    start looking at yorkies... the e8400 will be the best bet for a relatively cheap dual core, which will remove that bottleneck... a dual core is all you'll need for gaming (most games wont use more than 1... 2 is the max any use for now), but if you wanna do multimedia stuff then a quad core will give you a massive boost
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    Default Re: Intel Processor

    What resolution do you play at?

    I highly doubt an OC'd E2000 series chip is limiting your 8800GT.

    I had an 8800GT in my PC with an E6750 OC'd to 3.8GHZ. I upgraded my video card to a 4850 and put the 8800GT into my wife's system with an E2180 OC'd to 3.1GHZ. There was NO noticaeable performance deterioration in games. The E2180 I have can OC past 3.8GHZ but it gets too hot on the stock heatsink... but even when OC'd there was no significant performance increase with the 8800GT.

    Mind you, this is gaming at 1680x1050. If you're gaming at that resolution or above, I can't see how upgrading you're CPU will do much for you.

    If you're gaming on 1280x1024, it is possible the CPU is limiting the GPU. Most reviews of the E2000 chips will certainly show CPU limiting at 1024x768.

    However, at high resolutions, Conroes, Wolfdales and even the new Nehalem CPUs are pretty much limited by the GPU for gaming applications.
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