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Thread: 2 mobos fried - is CPU bad? all else is ok - please look

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    Default 2 mobos fried - is CPU bad? all else is ok - please look

    hello, I am building a new machine, I have built 30 others before this since 2000, but this build is jinxed. I have discussed the problem and tested all other components of the machine, I have used 2 kinds of RAM, different video cards, tested the PSU and tried another second PSU. The only component that I haven't changed is the CPU. Can the CPU fry a motherboard, fresh out of retail box, no Overclock, barebones benchtop setup??? I am now on a DFI P45 mobo and immediately upon boot up get a discolored bios (purple). The machine runs but the video output is corrupted. I have damaged 2 gigabyte boards already and pulled out most of my hair. Here's my previous query from the original trouble with the first 2 motherboards

    I am at a complete loss at where to go from here.
    thanks in advance, Gazer

    Badda-bing! well ... the CPU is ok, and running well now on the DFI board ... I do not know what the problem was with the first 2 boards, I have been always liked the Gigabyte boards and have used them many times before. Maybe, the power supply was bad under full load, I have exchanged it for a replacement. I tested the power supply with a solid state PSU tester and all the voltages were good, but that test is generic and does not test the supply of juice when the computer is drawing serious amperage. OH ... the discolored display was from the VGA cable. Man was I scratching my head over that simple problem. Just goes to show -- always double check cables and connections. Gazer
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