I recently recieved a Q9550 the other day and a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R. I've been running it for about a week now @ 2.83GHz and i've noticed the sensors and temps are a bit funny.

Using realtemp i found out that core 2 and core3 have faulty sensors and don't go below 43C but im not too worried about that as they move under load.

Core 0 has an idle of 40C and doesnt drop below that, core 1 has a idle of 30C and the others are 43C but they are stuck.

The problem i have is that my bios tells me the cpu temp is 33C and everest has the same figure but when i do a stability test in everest i see that my core 0 can reach about 67C while my other 3 cores are all around 55C. RealTemp gives me the same temp readings.

Please can someone tell me if my core 0 has a faulty sensor or if it is really that hot. And also if i am overclocking should i be concerned about the CPU or core temp.