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Thread: Hyperthread or Not?

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    Default Hyperthread or Not?

    What is the latest thinking on HT on the i7 cpu?
    From what I've read so far, it's only effective on some types of applications and ineffective as a whole.

    So the question is, are people disabling HT to obtain a higher overclock for the cpu? or enabling HT to get the potential 8 core performance?

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    Default Re: Hyperthread or Not?

    You paid for it, use it.

    Yes, higher clocks may be reached with it off, but there is no reason to disable it just to try unless you are going for 4.5Ghz+

    If you are a gamer, then I also think it has been proven to be best disabled. Otherwise leave enabled.

    Here is a thread about it with some info/test results >>
    Core i7 Hyperthreading ON/OFF VISTA performance???? - -

    And more info/user comments here
    Why oh why does HT need to be off? - XtremeSystems Forums

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    Default Re: Hyperthread or Not?

    HT on for me, please. As Lsdmasap said, you paid for it, use it :p
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