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Thread: Which Phenom?

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    Default Which Phenom?

    I'm planning a build by next Christmas with a Phenom II, but I'm not sure which one to buy. So, what's better (I don't want the tri-core)?

    - 810 (socket AM3), 2.6GHz, 110 ($160), multiplier locked.
    - 920 (socket AM2+) 2.8GHz, 140 ($205), multiplier locked.
    - 940 (socket AM2+) 3.0GHz, 170-190 ($248-278), multiplier unlocked.

    I really want the 940, but for 30-50 more, is it worth it?

    I probably will go with the 940, but is the AM3 any better? I have an old AM2 motherboard lying around so I might cut some cost of the 940 that way.
    Current system:
    - Intel Q8200 Processor (2.33GHz) (7x multi, roughly 340MHz FSB)
    - Intel DG45ID Motherboard (stupid locked BIOS >:( )
    - 6 GB DDR2 RAM (667MHz)
    - PNY GeForce 9500GT (750MHz Core clock, 1900MHz Shader clock, 500MHz Memory clock)
    -585GB SATA HDD (7200RPM)

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    Default Re: Which Phenom?

    I know little but some of the experts on the AMD Processors Forums should be able to help you.

    One thing to keep in mind, according to AMD, an AMD3 CPU will work ok on an AMD2+ motherboard. But the reverse is not true. If you put an AMD2+ CPU in an AMD3 motherboard, it can ruin the CPU.

    I notice there don't seem to be a lot of AMD users in Tweak Town.
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    Default Re: Which Phenom?

    You should get socket AM3 processor. It can use with DDR3 Rams on future. Now you can use this processor on socket AM2+ motherboard.

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