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Thread: Questions about i7 950, Gigabyte UD5, & XMP profile

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    Default Questions about i7 950, Gigabyte UD5, & XMP profile

    Hi guys, I made a post on another forum, but have only gotten one reply, and that reply confused me even more. Hopefully you guys can help. Basically, I have built a new system based on the i7 950, and the Gigabyte UD5, w/ Antec TPQ 850, Antec 1200 case, and Corsair triple channel 6 gb dominator memory. System runs great, and I am loving it. However, I started reading everyone talking about the temps, and decided to check out my temps using RealTemp. Now, I am not an overclocker, but the memory I have I thought was SUPPOSED to run at 1600...and to allow that to happen, I had to choose the XMP profile in the bios. Otherwise, the memory runs at 1066.

    Basically, with the memory at default of 1066, my cpu temps on desktop range from 39 to 41 celsius. When checking with Prime95, it goes up into the middle to high 70's. When I enable the XMP profile, and memory runs at 1600, everything is very stable...but temps on desktop stay around 45, and stress testing with Prime95 goes up into high 80s, and hit 90 celsius.

    What I am trying to figure out is, should I NOT run my memory using the XMP profile, because of these temp issues, and just use it at the 1066? Is there a way to get a happy medium and run the memory at 1333? I'm just confused, when I started reading everyone talking about temperature ranges, I became worried. How hot is this i7 950 supposed to be? I am using the stock heatsink and fan, but the 1200 is one of the coolest (air-flow wise) cases available.

    I really need some advice, from those who actually know what they are doing, broken down for someone who really is not a BIOS tinker, or overclocker...

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: Questions about i7 950, Gigabyte UD5, & XMP profile

    The max temps you want on your cores is 85c. I would personally try to stay around 70c. Are you using stock cooling? If you are i would look into buying a good cooler, True 120, V8, something alone those lines. The colder you run that processor the longer it will last.

    A Quick answer to your question, don't do anything that get your cores above 85c. Run your mem at 1066 untill you get a better cooler.
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    Default Re: Questions about i7 950, Gigabyte UD5, & XMP profile

    I can help you set things manually if you like as I do not suggest XMP settings myself anyway.

    You can run your ram at 1600Mhz and leave the CPU at stock, which should leave your CPU Temps down to normal. Now, if you are using stock Intel fan, and XMP is not messing with your CPU speed/settings then you just may need a new cooler is all

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    Default Re: Questions about i7 950, Gigabyte UD5, & XMP profile

    I have pritty much the same setup but with a v8 cooler and a i7 920.

    I am not sure if the temp readings are right I have the case open just to let the heat out but i get temps
    speedfan tells me the cores are running at 30 degrees @ idle
    and i have realtemp which says 46 @ idle on a cool day.

    But at night with the heating on it goes up to 50 and 70 when under load.
    the v8 maxed out nothing overclocked.

    I can't beleave it runs so hot doing nothing at all.

    would like to run ram at faster speed as it should do 1600 minimum.
    sorry if I am hijacking this post but its so close to what I need done.


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