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Thread: Intel CPU Compatibility Question...

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    Default Intel CPU Compatibility Question...

    I was wondering if I could use the cooler that came with my Q6600 on an intel E5200 dual core processor. I am looking at the heatsink that came with the E5200 and it looks like my other one that came with my Q6600 will fit. They both use the same push-pin design, heatsink cores look to physically be the same size, and the only difference is is that the Q6600 is higher in height because the acually heatsink is thicker...but is the same width as the E5200 cooler.

    The reason I want to use my other Q6600 cooler is because it seems it will do a better job. The heatsink fins are longer and the core is copper...whereas the E5200 cooler, the core is aluminum. So, are these cools interchangable?
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    Default Re: Intel CPU Compatibility Question...

    As long as they are the same style (LGA775) processor the old cooler will still work fine. If you were going the other way I would say use caution, but since you are wanting to use the higher end cooler on a processor that will produce less heat, you should see no problems at all.
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