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Thread: Shaping the Diamond

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    Default Shaping the Diamond

    Got stability issues with my rig when using MSI CoreCenter D.O.T. (Dynamic OC Tech) after switching to a faster CPU. And I think I donīt have the BIOS right. Can anyone help me, please?

    My spec.s:
    PSU 750 W
    Mobo: MSI P45 Diamond, hardware OC jumpers set to 266-333 MHz, Northbridge cooled passively (should I remove the water cooling casing?)
    SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme audio
    CPU: Zalman cooled Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33 GHz, temp. 38-40 degr. C
    RAM: 2x2GB Corsair XMS3 DDR-3 Platinum Series (WinXP32 only exploiting 3 gigs)
    USB peripherals: Flightsim. controllers

    K, hereīs the deal. Until now I had to limp with a cane still using my old CPU in my new rig, had the OC jumpers set cautiously to 200-266 MHz, and the MSI CoreCenter gently raised the bar from 2.13 to 2.6 GHz on my Core2Duo E6400. I now installed a Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33 GHz CPU, jumpers set to 266-333 (goes all the way up to 333-400 when removing the two jumpers).

    The CoreCenter, previously showing dynamic changes in temp., FSB and Clock on the old CPU, now holds a pretty steady temp. around 38-40 Degr. C, FSB 334 and Clock 3342 constantly. When activating D.O.T (sharp mode) it doesnīt seem to adapt to the varying demands, values stay the same. And when starting up FSX my pc crashes.

    Not using D.O.T. seems to be stable, FSX works (Yes, leave D.O.T off, got it ), but I was wondering if anyone could look through my BIOS if I post it. Thereīs probably a lot to correct. Iīm too chicken to use BIOS Live Update, it practically warns you not to.
    Iīll post the relevant BIOS settings in a reply.
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    Default Re: Shaping the Diamond

    Hope I got all relevant info posted.

    PCI latency timer 96 (should I go 128?)

    CPU feature
    Execute BITsupport enabled
    C1E Support disabled
    Set limit CPUID MaxVal to 3 disabled

    Chipset Feature
    HPET enabled

    Cell menu
    Multistep OC booster disabled
    DOT control enabled
    CPU DOT step 1,2,3 1%, 3%, 5%
    Intel C-state tech disabled
    CPU FSB freq. 333
    CPU Ratio 8
    DRAM config. Auto
    FSB/DRAM ratio Auto
    Adjusted DRAM freq. 1333

    ClockGen Tuner
    CPU amplitude control 800 mV (range: 700-1000)
    PCIE amplitude control 800 mV (range: 700-1000)
    CPU CLK skew norm (range: norm, 100-1400PS)
    MCH CLK skew norm (range: norm, 100-1400PS)

    Adjusted PCI freq. default (range: def., 3, 42)

    BIOS also tells me Current CPU freq. 2.66 GHz, easy math, but on desktop the CoreCenter seems to have control over frequencies (as long at D.O.T. is off).

    Hope thereīs a wiz out there who can help. Thanks!
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