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Thread: Which CPU on a GA-EP45-UD3R?

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    Question Which CPU on a GA-EP45-UD3R?

    I am trying to figure out which processor would be the best fit for my use and MoBo...

    I no longer play high end games on the PC. I mostly use it for web design, photo and video. Some editing. When I do web design, I run with more then 4 programs open at one time. (None are high end software...) I selected this MoBo due to it's slots. As you can tell, I fill almost all of them currently. I am not sure if I will Overclock unless I will see a bump in preformance in none gaming apps.

    From researching, I narrowed down to either an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Duo or Q9650 Intel Core 2 Quad. As with most, money will limit my purchase. Currently I talking to a few people whom have used CPUs for both. E8400 is around $100 and Q9650 around $200 used. The E8400 is well within my budget but I am wondering if I should save up for the Q9650 or similar Quad that I can afford at a later date.

    The Pentium D is running just fine for me now, I pulled it off an old machine to run the system until I could figure out what processor to upgrade to. (I need to replace it in the system which I pulled it from...) I have not noticed any real slow down when I multi-task. Any advise?

    Thank you in advance!!!
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