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Thread: a7v + 1400 tbird-C by 14x multiplier??

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    Just a question for any experienced AMD overclockers/modifiers...
    I have an original a7v motherboard and I'm trying to upgrade it to its maximum, which would be a k7 1400 if i'm not mistaken. However, for the money, a 1400 with a 266mhz fsb is considerably cheaper than a 1400 with a 200mhz fsb. I was wondering whether it would be possible for me to purchase a 1400 with a 266mhz fsb, change the multiplier from 10.5(x133) to 14(x100) and still have it function properly with this motherboard?? Anyone have any preferred unlock methods? Anyone know what bridge configuration would give me a 14x multiplier? Actually..a better question would be whether or not I should configure it for a 14 or a 5x multiplier...take a look:


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    I don't have an Asus MB, but general info for T-bird I may be able to help with. You unlock the multiplier by closing the L1 bridges. As far as closing the bridges there are a variety of solution like conductive paint, etc. I believe the two most popular are "Trace tape," but I think that is getting harder to find. Most people do this with a number 2 pencil - Yes it works, mine has not had any issues and it's been running that way about a year. Also if you screw it up, you can just erase it and try again. Once you have closed the bridges, you should be able to manipulate the multiplier in the BIOS or with Jumpers on the MB. If you REALLY want to make your 266 FSB into 200, again, this should be found in the BIOS or as a jumper on the board. Check you MB manual for jumper configurations.

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    Now I deleted the other thread the same as this in motherboards forum and you already ask this question and was answered in another forum. It is better if you stick to one thread and that way the answers can be kept together. ;)

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