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Thread: The new Tualitin Celeron @ 1.4GHz.

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    Jun 2002


    I currently have a 1.2GHz Tualitin Celeron oc'ed to 1.5GHz. The only (and final?) upgrade I can get for my ABIT-ST6RAID looks like the 1.4GHz Tualitin Celeron.

    What I want to know is will it overclock to at least a 125MHz fsb?

    If not, I'm savings my ducats for the next generation Athlons. Pentium4 Celeron's be damned!!
    1.4GHz Tualitin Celereon oc'ed to 1.736GHz
    3dfx Voodoo5-5500 (182/182)
    MSI GeForce4-Ti4400 (330/630)
    40.9 GB UATA 100
    90 GB UATA 100
    SB Live! Value
    NDC Fast 10/100 Ethernet
    Cable Modem, @rogers
    21" ViewSonic P810
    32x Panasonic CD-ROM
    ASUS 32x12x40 CD-R/RW
    300w power supply
    ThermalTake Volcano 7+
    3x 80mm ANTEC case fans
    Winduhs XP Pro

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    Have a look around as we here in Australia have been able to get Intel Pentium III (Tualatin Core) 1.40GHz,512K, FC-PGA CPU's here for some time now.
    But I'd save my money till next year and a "Clawhammer" setup.

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    I have a Tualatin Celeron 1G/256k L2 in my admin box at work - I usually run it at 1333 (133FSB) so all the AGP/PCI dividers run at the correct frequency - but it is stable at 1500-1550. Pretty good for a $53US chip :D

    I suspect that 1500-1600MHz is probably the limit of the design - I doubt that a 1.4 would OC much higher than the 1.2 you have right now....1750 would likely be a little too much to hope for.

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    The biggest problem with the Tualatin Celeron (which btw, if overclocked, is better than a Tualatin-S) is the heat dissipation.

    I run mine on a VIA apolloPro133t chipset (nearly as good as the i815) from 1.3 gH to 1.612 gH (124 FSB, 100% stable with a small _under_voltage to lower temps (1.44 v)).

    That gets 38~46 C.

    I overclocked to 133 FSB, but needed to increase the voltage to 1.58 v to boot windows and run PCMark2002, however it slowed to a pitiful crawl and crash in 3DMark2001SE.

    That's with a cpu temp of 54 C!!! Using silver compound on the cpu...

    So the voltage would probably have to be even higher, close to 1.60~1.65 but the temp would go ever higher... Tualatins are rated nominal below 45, highly critical over 60. I believe.

    Anyone got any further thoughts?

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