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Thread: amd THOROUGHBRED 2200

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    The amd THOROUGHBRED 2200 in what way is it different from an athlon 2100 xp and will it fit on my soltek 75drv5 and does anyone if there will be a faster cpu in future that will fit on the soltek mobo.
    Soltek 75 DRV5
    AMD duron 1000
    MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4400
    256 DDR 266Mhz pc 2700
    Volcano 7+ cooler
    arctec dvd 16X40X
    Hp cd-writer plus 9300i
    samsung floppy

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    There 2200 in my opinion was a joke. It was supposed to bring smaller die size, less heat, resulting in faster speeds. Only few of thsoe got made. They shrunk the core size down to .13Micron. However the heat issue wasn't really solved becuase AMD hasn't matured that technology yet. That statement is turning a bit old now. The voltage was only dropped .1 which isn't much at all. The speed was increased to 1.8Ghz. From the benchmarks poitn of view, it looked like a regular upgrade chip. Will it fit your board. The answer is yes. It will physically fit in your board. Electronically I don't know if the board can support thouroughbred. AMD came out with the thouroughbred 2400+ and the 2600+ which means matured .13Micron technology. They run cooler have a faster bus much higher speeds (2GHZ+) and are comparing considerable even if not better then current P4's which is eactly what we're expecting.

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    It seems that some new things are about to happen with mobos and chips like faster FSB speeds. If this is the case, the 2600+ may be the the fastest chip that that your mobo could support and make full use of the chip's potential. You should check the mobo manufacture's website and see what they have to say. They should have their latest BIOS revisions posted along with what support has been added to the revisions. There is probably a FAQ page on the site where someone else may have already asked the same questions, or you could pose them yourself.

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