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Thread: AMD Thuban X6 1090t Issues & Questions

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    Default AMD Thuban X6 1090t Issues & Questions


    I have been an avid Intel user for many years and a few months ago I decided it was time to upgrade my computer but at the time the prices of the Intel i3,5,7's were way out of my reach and I decided on an AMD and found what I thought to be a nice processor, but now I am at my wits ends.

    The CPU came with a stock HSF which is what I am using at idle times its nice around 38c but when I start to use the computer either for playing a game or maybe video compression that fan gets extremely loud and the temperature jumps up to around 45-48c.

    Now earlier today I have gotten several BSOD's and applications I am using are causing instant reboots. I have felt that AMD is just not for me and have considered going back to Intel, but before I do I want to make sure that maybe their is something I can try and determine what could be causing the crashes in both Windows 7 & Linux, and the insanely loud fan.

    RIG Configuration is: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO, AMD Thuban 1090t x6 @ 3.2ghz (No OC'ing) 8gb DDR 1300 4x2gb G.Skill Ripjaw Series RAM, 1TB WD 7200 Bootable. Also have a RocketRAID PCI-E card installed for SANS drives, (christmas gift)

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    Default Re: AMD Thuban X6 1090t Issues & Questions

    Hi there. I hope I could reply you on time seeing your post is only Dec 2010 (and now it is 30 Dec 2010 already).

    In any case, I am using AMD Phenom II x6 1090T myself. My current mainboard is Asus M4A88TD-M EVO. My memory config is 4GB (2 x 2GB DDR3 PC10300 1333Mhz).

    In my experience with BSOD, it is RARELY processor based. Usually, blue screen/displaced words on the screen are attributed to memory error. Memory cards are extremely cheap, so it is produced in bulks. What I mean by that is, if you ever noticed, their warranty is lifetime warranty. Why they could promise something like is because they themselves know that memory modules tend to have a lot of errors (thus programs such as memory scrubs exist to help "clean" memory related errors).

    I know windows will tolerate some amount of memory errors, but if too much errors crop up, blue screen will pop up and the pc will auto shut down to protect the computer from getting corrupted data. With that said, if you do not mind, when you get the blue screen, do record down the error code, or better take a picture of it and post it here. We can try to help with the error code (it will tell you whether it is a program causing the BSOD or is it memory based etc).

    If you're getting an automatic restart, go to control panel, click on system, and when the window appear, on the left hand panel, you will see "Advanced System Settings" on the 4th option. Click that, and another window called "System Properties" will appear. At the bottom of that window, under Startup and Recovery section, click on the SETTINGS tab and look under the "System Failure" option. Make sure you uncheck the "Automatically Restart" option. Click OK all the way after that.

    Now when you get the blue screen, it will remain onscreen so you can copy the error code down. Once you get the code, you can google the code error; there's usually some solutions from other ppl too. To isolate cases independantly, I would recommend the following:

    1. Update your ASUS bios using Asus Update (you can download the utility from ASUS website or install it from the utility disc that comes with the motherboard, but usually that version is outdate.)

    2. Once you get the error code from the BSOD, record it down and share with us here. We will need to isolate programs causing BSOD rather than hardware issues. If no programs or driver conflicts is causing the BSOD, go to step 3.

    3. Use a program called Passmark Burnintest. I used a torrent to download the full version+crack (i dont care about ethic.. We aren't corporate users right? This isnt for commercial gain.. Whoever wanna argue about buying the original Burningtest at this point, come on people, it wont help this guy who's already in trouble by forcing him to spend more right?)
    After installing burningtest and cracking it to full version, set up the tests you wanna run (they have motherboard test, 3D & 2D test, memory test, sound test, network test, gpu / cpu test), in your case, after installing all the latest drivers for your motherboard firmwares and graphic card drivers, make sure you test these 3 important component a.CPU b.GPU and c.MEMORY. Choose a test thats about 1 hour.

    This burnintest runs all the checked items at its maximum load, stressing it completely. When the system is under stress, you will see exactly what is causing the problem after the test ends at the 1 hour mark. If it says memory FAIL in red, then you should change ALL your memory card (do bear in mind that even though memory cards are of similar brand (e.g Kingston) and speed (all 1333Mhz), different batches of cards can use different chipsets and these differences may also cause blue screen). The replacement memory modules should be in running number to ensure similar identical batches

    Give all these a try first k. Dont forget to update the BIOS first to make sure the new processor is supported (M4A785TD motherboard is actually for x4 processor, an update to the latest bios should give full support for your x6 1090T processor).

    Do get back to us.

    P.S: I am not a techie or guru or whatever. I'm just a common user and supporter for AMD processor, been using it all the time since 2004 since I quitted INTEL due to their overpriced scheme :P
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    Default Re: AMD Thuban X6 1090t Issues & Questions

    Hi bgoswick
    I think the motherboard is at it's end running a 1090t. Did you update to the bios revision 2005?
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