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Thread: Hunting down a supplier for an Athlon 1.3/1.4

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    I'm trying to hunt down a supplier who has a 200mhz fsb Athlon 1.3 or 1.4 in sydney. But I've noticed so far that none of the companies i've called or emailed has them.

    One mob had a 266mhz fsb 1.3 athlon, but this wont go.

    If anyone knows of companies in the sydney region which stock the older athlon thunderbirds please send me some details.

    I'd like to purchase an athlon over the new duron 1.3, but if I cannot find one I may have to settle with the 200fsb duron.

    Other suggestions are welcome.


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    Yes I'm afraid that unless some small store has one hiding on a shelf somewhere here is Australia a Duron would be your only other option unless someone has a 2nd hand one to sell. :smokin:

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    You will be hard pressed finding certain types of hardware in australia. Frankly you probably will not find one. Ive looked at about 100+ online aussie retailers, and not a single one sold AMD TBirds. The last place i remember seeing them was at a local computer market, and this was when i bought my XP 1700+ many months ago. You might as well get a duron, they are heaps cheap anyway, and so are athlon XP's for that matter.

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