Posted by bigjackusa
[b]I think you are being a little harsh on AMD. There are millions of AMD rigs out there without this problem.
I would most certainly agree and the prob may more lay with the cheapo motherboard itself or in something that you have running invisablely in the background that you don't realize. :smokin:

Posted by Potatoe2
[b]I am running xp with an xp 2000+ processor and I cant run Half-Life or any intensive games or my comp locks up. I check and I am at 100 percent cpu usage. I haven't figured out my problem either. I do know going into the bios and changing my APG aperture size to 256 helped some. Also, I am running my cpu temp at 127-135 deg (fluctuates). Could it be Heat?
I definately think that your problem is heat related as well as a process problem. Ya need to get that temp below 120F and keep it there. ;)