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Thread: AMD Phenom X3 8400 overclock?

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    Default AMD Phenom X3 8400 overclock?

    Wondering if anyone who has either had one of these processors, or currently have one, can show me how to overclock it from the 2.1 Ghz speed to say...2.3GHz? Not asking for anything extreme, just a slight upgrade in speed. I welcome all responses. Also, I'm new here so I thank you, in kind.

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    Default Re: AMD Phenom X3 8400 overclock?

    It comes down to a couple things if you can OC it. First it needs to be a black edition CPU and I aint sure if this model even has a black edition (I'm guessing you bought a complete system with it cause as far as I know the 8400 only came in tray and not PIB). Next thing is your BIOS that needs to support it.

    If those 2 criterias are filled and your CPU cooler can handle it, Its as simple as increasing the multiplier from the 10.5 it is on now.

    This is the manual way. If you are lucky you could try with the AMD/ATI Catalyst Control Center. Since a couple of month it also support CPU overclocking for the black edition AMD CPUs.

    Without more info on your system it's hard to tell specifics, so sorry if this sounds to general. If you want more information on your CPU you can also check a site like this: AMD Phenom X3 8400 - HD8400WCJ3BGD
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