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Thread: 965 Overclocking

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    Default 965 Overclocking

    First off I'm a newbie to overclocking but under advice, I've decided to aim for 4Ghz on a PII X4 965 BE, using software overclocking first, before deciding to put it into my bios and tweaking there (when the board lets me in anyway).

    Currently stock settings the board sets a voltage of 1.45v which is enough to get me upto x20 multiplier. Whilst I've not verified full stability since I'm still wondering on what aftermarket cooler to get, for the half hour ran it didn't freak out (although I know I can't base stability on half an hour of internet browsing). x21 is available although under load the PC blue screens, with an instant blue at x21.5. Even with the voltage at 1.625 I still get an instant blue screen. The STOP code is 0x00000124 which as far as I know is increase vcore, although I might be mistaken.

    What is the highest voltage that I can crank the CPU up to without shortening its life span? I'm air cooling, and not going for water cooling. Whilst I'll be happy to settle at 4Ghz on the Phenom, if I can push it safely to 4.4Ghz (and get an extra 1Ghz over stock) then I'll happily go for that, if I can keep it stable and cool enough.

    Second, what is the best way to clock up the Northbridge speeds? Since I'll be upping the CPU, I'll also be looking at bumping the RAM back up to 1600 (800 true speed) and tightening the timings. The ram I currently have is G.Skills RipjawsX 1600, which is currently in 1333. I've managed to have it stable at 1600 on 8-9-8-24, but I'll be looking at getting those timings down further if I can get it to post succesfully. I've heard that the NB speed should be x3 the DRAM Frequency, so with 800 DRAM, I'd be looking to set NB at 2400Mhz.

    Finally, what are some good aftermarket coolers for AM3/3+ sockets? Hopefully in a push-pull system with the fans aimed towards either the back or top case fans to maximise cooling efficiency? At the moment, with Cool'n'Quiet' disabled, I'm hitting around 35c idle and 61c under full load in [email protected] since it maxes out my CPU load, that's at an ambient of 18c which is quite cool for my normal room temperature. I usually expect ambient to be around 22.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just an FYI, all my system specs can be found in the drop list above if needed.


    I've since got the CPU overclocked at 4Ghz, a NB frequency of 2400Mhz, and DRAM Frequency running at 800Mhz with timings of 8-9-8-24.
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