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Thread: AMD Athlon 64 (3200+) socket 754, possible to use on other socket?

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    Default AMD Athlon 64 (3200+) socket 754, possible to use on other socket?

    Hello to everyone,

    Please help me in the below matter if it is possible. </SPAN>
    I have one processor AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and one motherboard with socket 754. </SPAN>
    Can I use this processor on other motherboards with different socket, like 939, AM2,AM3.</SPAN>

    Thank you in advance,</SPAN>
    Gabriel </SPAN>

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    Default Re: AMD Athlon 64 (3200+) socket 754, possible to use on other socket?

    Very simply put. No.

    754 pin is a few to little to fit into properly into a 939. The 939 is not backwards compatible to the 754. You dont get into interchangeable sockets until you get into the AM series sockets. AM2 chips can fit into an AM2+ and some AM3 boards. Some AM2+ chips can work in a AM2 board with a bios update. And all that. It is up the board manufacturer on if this will or will not work. Be sure to check the OEM websites for any bios updates before you purchase a board.

    I made that mistake recently. I bought an ASrock A75 Extreme6 because they advertised it to support all of the newest FM1 APUs. It technically does. They just didn't tell you that you have to update the bios first. So how do you update the bios when the APU you ordered isn't supported on the stock bios level and wont post. LOL Epic fail on my part for not checking first.

    Good Luck!

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