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Thread: Amd phenom ii x2 550BE Unlock issues

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    Angry Amd phenom ii x2 550BE Unlock issues

    I have recently decided to unlock my last 2 cores. As far as start up and everything like that goes it is great. But when i run a program it becomes unresponsive multiple times then crashes. Then i turn off my acc and my ec firmware and it goes back to normal. Any ideas?

    Mobo- gigabyte MAY785GM-US2H
    Processor- Amd ii x2 550BE

    It posts and everything and all my temps are fine... i did a +2% cpu volt and it helped a bit but scared to go further.

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    Default Re: Amd phenom ii x2 550BE Unlock issues

    Many of the cores locked on such CPUs were locked, because they were not working as they have to.
    Sometimes they don't work at all, sometimes they don't run stable. Voltage leaking can also be an issue due to which these cores may have been to.
    Increase the voltage by slight steps and keep an eye on CPU temperatures.
    Run Prime95 or equivalent software for a few hours to clarify that every core is running stable on full load. If you can't get all of the cores to run stable at acceptable temperatures, but only one core is failing, you can try to disable this particular core in your BIOS/(U)EFi.
    Also, running a CPU with more cores almost always results in a higher required voltage, so this may be normal.
    As long as your voltages stay below 1.4 to 1.45 volts and the CPU's not getting too hot, you should be fine.

    I would consider you to either obtain a native quad-core CPU instead of unlocking your dual core. Core unlocking is a nice feature, but unfortunately it's not working on all CPUs that have cores disabled.

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