I have a ASRock K7S41GX ON WHICH WAS INSTALLED Athlon Duron had a processor speed of 1.6 GHz
I changed this processor with an Athlon XP3000 + with fsb333 according to the specifications in your site and while setting the jumper correctly to 333, the PC shortly after the ignition is in Crash with blue screen and error due to new hardware.
I state that it worked fine before, the whole system and if I athlon xp3000 + with'm going to set this Jumper on position 266 with the PC works fine, but sees the nuoivo processor as an Athlon 2200 + (1,7 GHz )
Now I wanted to ask you, in addition to the Jumper to 333 vič something else to change, for example in the bios?
It could be that I have the power of 350W series (I'm waiting for these days a new 500W), does not support the new processor with the ATI video card that has additional power through a 4pin attack?
I am waiting for your any advice
Thank you very much and good day