Hi guys,

I recently purchased a i7 3770k. I am using the stock fan until I put together a custom water cooling loop. I'm still learning and researching water cooling. I have never done it before. I was suggested to use the the stock fan until I get a better understanding of water cooling. Well, before I put everything in the case I decided to fire everything up to make sure everything was working. I noticed that the CPU fan was making a loud noise like it was rubbing on the heatsink. Kinda like the sound of plastic hitting metal. When I then turned everything off and turned the CPU fan by hand. It wasn't hitting the heatsink. What I noticed is the CPU fan has a noisy bearing/sleeve. I'm not sure how fans are made but that would be my guess. Is there any way I can quiet it down some? Like maybe applying some some more grease or some spray? I have never done that before so I figured I would get you guys input.