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Thread: Athlon MP's

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    Someone refresh my memory please......

    From what I remember - there is no actual physical difference between an Athlon MP & an Athlon XP - it's just a qualification process...and there's every chance that a pair of XP's will work in a dual set least I think that was the case with the Palomino die, is it still true with the Thouroughbread?

    We have to put together a couple more Dual Athlon Boxes at work - workstations this time not servers - so they will have a decent video card too :thumb: but there seems to be a local shortage of MP's - & I can't find any thing faster than a pair of 1900+'s, I'd like to have at least dual 2100+'s....I don't know if anything faster has been released in MP's yet.

    So my question is...would it be a good gamble to get a pair of 2100+ or 2200+ XP's and try them in the dual MB (ASUS A7M266-D)

    Any opinions and/or links to info would be appreciated


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    A buddy of mine just put together a dual XP system using a Tyan board. He was having a slight compatibility problem with it though, and couldn't get it to boot when he had both XP's in.

    He eventually solved it. I'll ask him what he did to fix it.

    The only real difference between XP's and MP's up to the 2200+ (from what I understand), is the fact that MP's are validated by AMD to work in a 2 processor system. XP's only go through a 1 processor validation process, and then are sent to the stores.

    They have 2200+ Athlon MP's now. Check anandtech's article on them.

    More on MP's in general:
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    There's also a bridge that is cut on XP's that isn't on MP's but I'm not sure which one it is atm unless I find the article again on dualin' XP's. ;)

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    Great little article...:thumb:
    - Damien

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