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Thread: xp1600+ on ECSk7s5a ...clocking error

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    After a lengthy discussion with a couple tech friends of mine who work tech support for a local ISP, it was suggested that I remove some memory and drop the system back down to 256mb. This is exactly contradictory to everything I've ever seen or heard to get a system running better. Since nothing else I've tried seemed to do any good, I tried it. After resetting cmos to 133/133, the system booted at xp1600+. Usually, the system would crash almost immediately. We put the system through the paces by running every big-time game out there at maximum settings trying to make it crash. It still hasn't. That was Saturday & it's rocking along. The Geforce 2 mx seems to be using the 64megs's never run smoother. I was told Microsoft had designed a 256 limit in some of it's Win os's whereby it doesn't address anything over 256 properly. Personally, that sounds like bull to me but the fact is, the system is now working fine; so maybe there's something to it. I'm sure there's a way to tweak the memory manually but that's something I'm not quite willing to jump into just yet. I thank you all for your ideas and suggestions.

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    While Win9x won't effectively use memory over 256MB, it will normally at least run with it. Is there a chance that the other stick of memory is bad? Just a thought.
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    and if it wasn't booting up with all the extra RAM in there, then it's got nothing to do with Windows, cos it obviously didn't get that far..

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    Most likely either a bad DIMM slot or memory stick. :smokin:

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    I have a K7S5a with a TBird 1400 in it. I have tinkered with it quite a bit and have found that the Ram timings in some of the older bios versions is flaky with more than 1 Dimm.

    I have tried unofficial Overclockers Bioses and all of the official Bioses. The current bios is very good with both Dimm slots populated. Flash that baby and try it with 2 sticks again.

    Try the bios with this version info:

    Release Date: 01/25/2002

    Good Luck

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