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Thread: mobo or cpu?..both??

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    :rolleyes: Hi all. Have a comatose Amd K-6 500 which has been unstable since I got it second hand bout 18 months ago. Would hang once or twice on a good day,much more on bad days and would not reboot unless the lid was removed and innards tickiled. Still don't know what I was moving right because just before Christmas , it went down permanently One or two days prior it dveloped a new trick! ...spontaneous rebooting from which it never recovered. When I tried the "tickling" then powered on , the HD and CD lights came on and stayed on and thats display etc tho the fan is running
    Have put the Hd, Cd, ram and monitor into current Pc, a pentium 11 300 , had no trouble firing it up but it hangs once or twice a week so my questions are would a format help, how can I/ do I need to save my internet etc setting and how could I tell if the Amd thing is mobo, cpu or both? Thanx

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    Without knowin' the make, model and revision of the motherboard plus it's BIOS version makes this an even harder one to answer. :(

    Cough up with the details of the rest of the hardware that ya usin' plus which operatin' system ya usin' and then we'll be a lot closer to bein' able to supply some real answers or more questions. :devil win

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