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Thread: amd 1800+ fsb100????????

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    my sys
    asus a7v333
    2 x 256 pc2700 generic
    1800+amd @1150?
    a250 td ultra leadtek
    volc. 7+
    400w powermax
    enermax case
    5 casefans
    40gb 7200 wd
    40gb 7200 maxtor

    Problem.......... system has been running fine for about 8 mths and all of a sudden the cpu keeps resetting to 1150mhz and 100fsb in bios.
    if i get it to boot at 1533mhz 133fsb it either tells me it has failed due to overclocking or it gets to the win xp logon and freezes.
    it was running at 1533mhz 133fsb
    tried replacing ram but still does same.
    the one thing thats was done just prior to the prob was i had the hsf replaced from gen. amd to the volc 7+.
    cpu was running at between 58 and 70 deg cels.
    now at 1150 its running at 41 with fan on med.
    could replacing the hsf cracked or disturbed the cpu????
    confused? me too.
    any suggestions appreciated

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    Hmm, the Volcano 7+ can put a bit of stress on your CPU when putting it down, but if you were careful I doubt there would be any problem.

    Have you made sure you mounted the Volcano 7+ correctly (check to make sure that lip isn't switched), and that you didn't disturb any jumpers, etc.. when you changed your heatsink? Also, have you tried switching back to your stock AMD heatsink and seeing if the problem is still there? Give that a shot.

    After checking those two things, clearing your CMOS might help. If there was a soft-setting changed by accident/bug/default/freak occurance, it may cause your problem. Just make sure you remember your tweaked settings, if there are any.

    I also looked at your motherboard manual. There should be some blue/white DIP switches below your AGP port. Make sure they're set to: -____- (1-on, 2-off, 3-off, 4-off, 5-off, 6-on) for 133MHz operation.

    Hope that helps.

    Your motherboard manual can be found here.
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    still havnt found a solution................
    tried new ram....... no
    tried bios
    tried new h/d and fresh win xp
    tried dip swiches
    cpu still runs fine but is a dog when printing as it stops responding till printer is finished.
    still set at 1160 mhz temp and volts all fine
    cpu core temp 38'
    cpu volt 1.76
    100 fsb

    any suggestions?????????:cry: :cry: :cry:

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    cpu was running at between 58 and 70 deg cels.
    I think thats way hot!!!
    I would take off the 7+ and look at the chip.

    I dont think you have it on backwards, because your temps now are good.

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    Do you have your HSF powered off of the mobo? If so, try powering it with a 4 pin Molex connector. Make sure to connect the speed sensor to the mobo.

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    I have the same system (pretty much) and was also contemplating on changing my generic fan on CPU to something like a Vol 7+. My system runs slow as well when I go to print…but isn’t unstable I can still do other things. Did you try putting the generic fan on it again to see if you get the 1.53 reading? Good luck. :confused:
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    i had the same prob with my rig, and i was using the stock HSF, i went out and bought a Kingwin copper HSF, and its been running the 133fsb ever since, so u may be overheating

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    Hi this sounds like two things
    1 cpu overheated the vol 7 will do the job thow
    2 CMOS needs to be wiped

    1 susgest you reseat your HSF again but check for any damage first to cpu

    2 wipe the CMOS then change the bios settings [save the settings ]

    if this doesn't work try getting some one to test your cpu in another board & another cpu in your mobo

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    Did you use any thermal compound ???
    I have the same CPU and HSF. I've never had a problem. I've always used Arctic Silver 3. (Use a thin coat only.)
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    first i would try the old HSF, maybe the new one is drawing too much power from the mobo.
    second, try clearing the cmos using the jumpers and unplug the battery for an hour.
    third i would reflash the bios.

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