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Thread: Great cpu price drop.

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    2.4 ghz = 185$
    2.53 ghz = 240$ (not to mutch diff here)
    2.66 ghz = 330$


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    Still a bit pricey for my pocket. I'll stick with AMD for a while still I think.
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    Yes it's all about what you prefer and need.

    My friend payed 165$ for a XP2400+ and
    it does perform 100% equal to my 2,26/1066.
    At least when it comes to the different benchmark apps
    and fps tests in ut2003 and some other games.
    In video encoding i'm still ahead though.
    Dunno exaktly how the E7205 performs yet but it should not
    be that mutch of a difference i think.

    But a bit slower amd cpu's are really cheap and cannot
    possibly be as pricy as Intel. My cpu doesn't even exist
    on our market anymore, 2.4 ghz is the slowest one atm.


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    Ya but then ya got price tags for the new 3000+ that is more than it's p4 equivilant :-/
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