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Thread: Compaq Presario ?

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    I went to compusa last night. They had a compaq presario 64oonx:

    amd xp 1800+
    128mb DDR ram
    40 gig harddrive
    10/100 ethernet
    same graphics card as the 6400nx(can be disabled in bios and add better card)
    one empty ram slot
    upgraded to 17" .24 flat screen monitor
    windows xp home and office software

    I am going to buy this computer for the family.
    I am then going to use my 750 duron and build myself a computer. The only stipulation is that IT HAS TO BE CHEAP!!!!
    From what I have read, I won't be able to use my Micron Millenia case. I found a case with a side window, front usb, and 350W psu. 3.3v rail/28amps, 5v rail/30amps, and 12v rail/15amps. Will need more fans to overclock. How many? What cfm?I know you guys use better, but it should work in a pinch.
    I have a 40x cd-rom I bought when I got the duron. I can use the floppy drive and nic card out of my old computer. It also has a diamond stealth64 pci card. It's probably too old to even consider.
    I found refurbished motherboards at mwave:
    Iwill ka266-r ali magic 1 chipset 7 day warranty $15
    MSI k7t266 pro via pro 266 chipset(raid,audio) 15 day warr. $30
    Soyo k7v dragon via kt266 chipset(raid,lan,audio) 7 day warr. $30
    They also had 133 boards, but I would like to build 266 if at all possible.
    I still need a harddrive(bite the bullet, wd 400jb $85, unless someone has something in their junk box they'd would sell.
    Is it possible to get started overclocking with generic ram?
    I would appreciate your help as this is something I really want to get into. As you can tell, I don't know a lot about computers, but I am eager to learn. By building the first one cheap, if I fry something, I'm not out a lot of money and hopefully I will have learned something.
    Again, please respond with advice and suggestions. Let me know if I have missed anything. I am ready to get started. Sorry for being so long winded.


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    ive bought 3 cooling fans........intake on bottom (normally front) exhaust up high on back, (heat rises)

    It is a heck of a lot cheaper to build a pc, i built mine, including monitor and speakers for $450, I also had to buy a case and psu, i couldve done it for cheaper, but Ive always had good luck with Best Buy, my system specs are in my sig

    (btw, get a ram upgrade to 256, especially if youre running XP, id recommend 512, but 256 is perfectly fine)

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    "but 256 is perfectly fine"

    Actually not, when gaming on WinXP you easily use more than that, at least i do.. Remember when your system is forced to use it's page file then things get sloooow... :(

    Just my :2cents:


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    @ jrb

    Those refurbished motherboards sure seem cheap, one thing thought - the kt266 chip is not really much better than kt133a.

    If possible try to find one with KT266a chipset. Performance is very much better. You will not regret it.


    ''Mine'' Epox 8RDA+, [email protected]+, Radeon 9100 64Mb, 1024Mb PC3200.

    ''Hers'' Epox 8RDA+, [email protected], GF4 Ti4200 64Mb, 512Mb PC2700.

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