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Thread: Ovrclocking the 2100+ PALOMINO

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    Is there any sense to overclock the xp2100+ PALOMINO version? :rolleyes: Is there any noticeable difference between, say 1740MHz and 1900MHz? the processorīs temp is normally 46 C and after a few hours gaming session about 50-52 C. How much the temp will rise if I overclock 100MHz? Do I need more ventilation? Now I have 70mm cooler on the processor. :cheers: :cheers:

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    Hello Tomi_s

    If your palomino is not 'unlocked' your have to overclock it just by rising the fsb. This will infact result more 'overall' overclock to your system and bigger performance gain.

    About your temps, ventilation or results I cannot predict from here.
    Palominos (from my experience) tend to heat quite a lot more than T-breds so just go slow. My other pc has 1.333tbird with same temps so they seem ok. On the other hand my 1700+ Tbred with 333 fsb never seem to heat more than 40'C.

    With overclocking your temps will raise for sure. How much debends solely on the amount of your overclock.

    Also, I am not sure if your motherboard has locked pci ja agp bus so you might need to change the divider also.

    There is great overclocking articles all over the net so just use google for example and search your for mobo + overclock.

    Good luck.


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