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Thread: 1GIG Keychains

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    An interesting read about a year or so ago. When Mr. Tweak and a few buddies came across an Athlon CPU I think it was. A broken one at that. They attempted to make a keychain out of it. And it wasn't so sucessful. COnsidering that the site is down do you happen to know where this article is? Or do you happen to know of an article somewhere of making a keychain?

    I came across a busted DUron 1GIG (morgon) and its sitting on my desk and I would like to make it into a keychain to match my 4mb edo ram stick :D . What do I just use a drill at the side and drill a hole through it? I don't wanna have it break open though. Even though I have this feeling that the cpu will probably break open while in my pocket anyway. But pretty cool thing to have. Atleast for a day?

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    ok there was something on some forums i saw where they just driled a hole through the pins in one side and there u go a keychain... what i can suggest but it would take some work is go to a hobby store and get some plastic beads thease are usually used to make water in diaramas and so on. When u melt them u can make them any shape u want and they are clear hard plasic when they cool down. So i would pour it onto the pins and maybe the front of the cpu but the pins in the plastic would look cool and then just drill a hole somewhere in the corner to attach to keyring. GL

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    woh wait a the whole CPU would be embedded in plastic? This would also serve as a way of protection so that the processor doesn't get broken in my pocket?

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