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Thread: Rumored diagram of nForce dual Athlon system

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    Default has a diagram that they think may be an upcoming nForce dual Athlon solution.Here at

    NV Denies Knowledge:
    NVIDIA finally spoke up today about the dual CPU Socket A board we showed off. Our PR contact expressed that he has never heard of the board we showed or has seen one such as it on a roadmap. Statements such as this make it seem reasonable that it may be an idea that we never see. It has also not been uncommon for us to have more information that is factual than NVIDIA PR as well. As for the legitimacy of the drawing, it came from inside the Asus organization recently...very recently. So maybe we can hope this is something that our contact is not aware of.

    Bogus or Not?
    Still seeing a bit more controversy about the dual Socket A nForceFX board drawing we posted yesterday. Asus PR has been stating, "It is a FAKE." That was the statement that they made to us yesterday. Lear Chen said it was simply a drawing of an A7M266-D that was modified, but comparing the two, it is obvious that it is not.

    The interesting thing is that the board drawing came from Asus, much like the Canterwood pictures shown below. So I would have to guess that Asus is the one showing off "fake" board drawings? Funny that they did not tell everyone they were "fake" at the time.

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    I saw a new link of a dual Socket 478 (P4) board that was essentially the same design. Here's the problem: the P4's supposedly have the SMP ability disabled internally so they can't run in SMP.

    I'm guessing that this dual nForce board and the dual P4 board are both hoaxes. People want to see them, and I'm one of them. However, until I see PCB of them, I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for them.

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    Thanks Morgan,

    That's definitely in the range of info I was looking for.

    Didn't see/hear about the P4 dual board/hoax, would you happen to have a link?

    Man, we should start a hoax/pipe dream thread. Post what you wish existed and try to make it look real. :D

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