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Thread: Bios Settings...

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    Hello fellas. Someone please help me setting up bios in my new system.

    NOTE: I just want stock settings (no ocerclocking);)

    1) Adv. chipset features:
    Dram Timing Setting ?...DRAM Frequency-auto(default) (settings are :SPD,200,266,333MHz,Auto)
    Configure SDRAM Timing by SPD? -Enabled(default)
    AGP Aperture Size Default set to 64MB(default) (selection of 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256MB)

    CAS# Latency? (settings 2,2.5(clocks))
    RAS# Precharge? (settings 2clocks, 3 clocks)
    RAS# to Cas# delay? (settings 3 clocks, 2 clocks)
    Precharge Delay ? (settings 5,6,7 clocks)
    Burst Lenght? (settings 4,8)
    CPU L1 & L2 Cache?

    2) PNP/PCI Configuration

    PCI Latency timer (PCI Clocks) 32(default ( settings 32 to 248)

    3) Frequency/Voltage Control

    Spread Spectrum no(default)
    CPU Ratio Selection 8.0x (default)
    CPU FSB Clock(MHz) 100 (default)
    AGP/PCI clock(MHz) ?
    CPU Vcore Adjust No(default)
    CPU Vcore 1.550V (default)
    DDr Power 2.5V
    AGP power 1.5V

    My System:
    MSI 845PE Max2 FIR 533FSB MHz DDR333 4x AGP
    Kingmax PC2700 1G 512MB x 2
    MSI TI4200 128MB DDR VTD8x
    Intel P4 2.4G 533MHz System Bus, 512KB L2 Advaced Transfer Cache
    WD 80G 8MB Caviar

    Sorry for the long post, I need help from Experts;)

    Thank You.

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    You might want to check out Adrian's Rojak Pot for the ir latest BIOS Optimization Guide. They put out one of the best on the net. :)
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