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Thread: Intel to give its best shot in late 2004 - early 2005 --->

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    don't know where to put it in so I will put it here

    With the growing popularity of AMD and never ending want of processing power has led Intel to give its best shot in form of their most lavishly planned processor Tejas.
    Late 2004/ Early 2005 is likely to see the birth of Intel's new baby, christened Tejas. Starting at a clock speed of 4.5 Ghz, it is expected to cross 5 Ghz pretty soon. It will be fed by an 1066Mhz Front Side Bus and will have 90nm fabrication process. Tejas will also bring along 8 new instructions, an enhanced HyperThreading and an improved Level-I cache (L-2 cache is expected to go upto 1MB).
    Perhaps the most visible difference will be that Tejas will come without pins - it will use a 775 contact, Land Grid Array (LGA). (Look at the picture on The Inquirer)
    The processor will be nestled within a direct socket loader, which will serve a triple-purpose - maintaining contact with the motherboard, processor and insulation - from the potentially damaging heatsink. The Grantsdale chipset will baby-sit Tejas, and oversee the transition from the Intel Prescott to the new kid on the block while the optimists reckon that the memory industry will be ready with new form of DDR to harness the complete power from the processor.

    Read more on The Inquirer and
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    (It has 10 times my actual Frontbus and the FB is my current speed:cry:)

    That's a lot of power...Guess how much time will take to rip a DVD at that speed, and of course the games!!!! WOW

    How much could it be overclocked? :?:


    The bad thing is that, I guess, it will cost much :(

    But with the time, more and more people will affort one

    Thanks for the info

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    Think BIG BIG BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

    I looked at the article. It is cool. I like the fact that it does not use pins. The speed is trememdous. BIG BIG $$$$$


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