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Thread: P4 3.2GHz W/800MHz FSB

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    More than likely on the 2.8 and 3.0 ... Toss up between the 2.4 and the 2.6, but maybe. 2.8 and 3.0 should have it enabled (definately 3.0ghz+ should have it enabled since the 3.06ghz 533mhz NW's do).
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    Yea, I forgot to talk about the HT side of things in my last post. I'm positive there will be 2.8/800 HT and pretty sure they are going back to 2.5/800 with the HT feature turned on. And ofcourse anything past 3.0 is going to have the feature turned on in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asklepios
    i don't know where you read that :confused:
    90nm chip with a cache of 1MB is code named Tejas and will be launched in late 2004-early 2005!;threadid=9864

    i hope it will clear your doubts!!!
    cheers :cheers:
    This is part of a document forwarded to me by my supplier - who is supposed to be an Intel partner - I don't know if it's accurate or not - as I said before he's a little clueless:

    Intel Prescott IA32 CPU is the 0.09micron successor to the Northwood core of the Pentium 4 due around Q3 / Q4. Prescott is expected to launch at clock speeds of 3.2 and 3.4Ghz, and will initially run on an 800Mhz (200Mhz Quad Pumped) Front Side Bus. Prescott features a number of architectural improvements, including larger 1Mb L2 and 16Kb L1 caches, an improved branch predictor and pre-fetcher, an extra 13 instructions for accelerating media applications and improved Hyperthreading (due to two of the additional instructions centred around thread synchronisation). Prescott is expected to scale up to 5Ghz on a 800Mhz FSB and >5Ghz on the forthcoming 1066Mhz FSB speed.

    He also contacted Intel on my behalf - the answer he got was that HT will not be enabled on any chips current or future <3GHz.......take it with as many grains of salt as you want

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    Man this topic is interesting :p
    i think the article is right.
    i got it here...
    differences between tejas and prescott will be

    FSB: 1066Mhz (Tejas), 800Mhz(Prescott)
    L1 cache: D: 24KB (Tejas), D: 16KB (Prescott)
    Speed: >4.5Ghz (Tejas), >3.2Ghz (Prescott)
    Tejas will be without pins!

    13 of the Prescott's New Instructions or PNI are:
    ADDSUBPD - Packed 64-bit add/subtract
    ADDSUBPS - Packed 32-bit add/subtract
    FISTTP - Store integer with truncation
    HADDPD - Horizontal ADD 64-bit
    HADDPS - Horizontal ADD 32-bit
    HSUBPD - Horizontal SUBTRACT 64-bit
    HSUBPS - Horizontal SUBTRACT 32-bit
    LDDQU - Load unaligned 128-bit integer
    MONITOR - Setup monitor addresses
    MOVDDUP - Move 64-bit and duplicate
    MOVSHDUP - Move 32-bit high and duplicate
    MOVSLDUP - Move 32-bit low and duplicate
    MWAIT - Monitor wait

    Read about them on

    All graphics detail about Prescott are there on Inquirer.
    These two processors will be absoloutely immense things!
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    These two processors will be absoloutely immense things!
    It sounds extremly nice, think they can keep up with :hammer:


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    I'm limited in exactly what I can say here due to NDAs but you can all be assured that the 800MHz P4 Prescott will not be released late this year, but in fact much earlier.

    And as far as I know RDR, all new P4 processors will support HT.
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