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Thread: new comp.

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    I'm in the market for a new desktop computer. Ive been with AMD for a while and would like to buy another computer w/ an AMD processor. I am interested in a midlevel performance desktop computer without all the bull **** programs already loaded like alot of companys put on. The major manufactuers such as Dell or Gateway are ususally guilty of this. But i was wondering if yall had some suggestions on fairly priced AMD comp i could get w/ out all the bs promo programs

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    Well Personally I say find someone who knows a bit about em

    ie: a friend possibly and build your own.....otherwise if you dont know how or cant find someone look around for a wholesaler that sells parts and they usually build machines and you can tell them to just install op system and none of that bull crap...that comes on preloads from dell,,compaq etc.

    as well when you buy from those other companies you usually end up getting the shaft when it comes to actual hardware. They may list the main components to satisfy the customer but its the minor components that are not listed that you get cheaped out on.

    what sort of price range?


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