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Thread: amd vs intel article

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    Quote Originally Posted by The__tweaker
    Gee were ya bullied as a kid or something which made you forever hateful against the big boys aka Intel.. :rofl:

    Most people knows how big advantage P4's have over Xp's in SSE2 apps, this I know for a fact cause I own a 2100+ who ain't got mutch encoding power at all compared to the P4. But I guess you have both chips running those kinds of apps to so ya know exaktly what ya speaking about. ;)

    But again can't ya try hard and keep to this threads topic please which were the review on both companys new top chip. Or else this is going to be an endless "hate" aka flaming thread which leads nowere.. So please let us go back..

    Go back and read the review once again and this time try [i]really ****ing hard to understand it and then tell us WHO did actually win the test..??? : omg:

    Sorry but it's just so funny yet annoying to see how some people start to make shortcuts into other topics just because they can't defend their side within the main subject. But I have fate in ya, try extra hard this time and tell us who won the tests.

    And yeah as some seem to be *****ing about Q3 beeing Intel biased so I'll let ya count that part out and look at the rest of the tests. I know ya can do it just try ya hardest.. Good luck..

    Know let's see if ya man enough to stay on topic this time instead of chicken out.. :devil win

    put up or shut up. lets do some benchmarks your p4 2.26 vs my athlon at 2.26,all i see on your part are more assumptions about me in a personal nature, is that all you can do? put some numbers up! if you can.
    if truth is relative, then is it absolutely true that it is relative?

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    dude just drop it like darth said. Whether u go intel or AMD is really a personal choice based on many factors and there's no reason to lose ur temper over someone elses choice. Just agree to disagree lol :group:

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    I tried to tell y'all but there are some who are a bit hard-headed. Hopefully we can get some peace and quiet now. If you have a beef with someone, take it to PM or email. The public forums are not the place for it... PERIOD!
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