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Thread: nVidia + Sunbeam Tech + Xoxide Input Global Competition

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    TweakTown is a great site, I would probably visit it every day, if it weren't for the massive loading times while browsing with my 56k connection. My suggestion is to cut down the loading times by either creating a new faster layout (Not that is anything wrong with this version, it just takes ages to load.) or cut down the number and the size of the images around the site, such as the banner ads and the images in the news posts.

    Also a download section would be great, as we could get all the tweaking utilities we needed for the guides, without having to leave TweakTown. The download section could also include programs recommended by the TweakTown staff.
    I would also like to see some more guides on tweaking and pushing my system to the limit, also a few guides on things like modding would be nice.

    An IRC channel, would also be a welcome addition as it would provide a place for users to get help as soon as they need it, or just to hang out and chat to other TweakTown users.

    Another thing that would be nice is more regular news posts, other than that, keep up the good work. :D


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    The only significant improvement I could recommend to tweaktown is this:

    For researching new gear, I typically ping my geeky friends, and ask them what they drool over. Then, I price that gear, and back off from there on a price/performance ratio until I find the ideal "sweet spot" for the component. I don't want to buy bleeding edge gear and pay through the nose, I just want the best performance I can get at a reasonable price. I also want to preserve upward compatibility, so I don't buy something I'll be tossing out in 9 months.

    An example of this is the current state of video cards. Should I keep my MX-440se, or should I trade up to a Radeon 9XXX, or to the GeForce 5XXX series? This is a decision of tweakmost importance, requiring a lot of research and analysis.

    Tweaktown could do that either of 2 ways; either let users vote for their current "best value" gear, or by computing a performance score based on benchmark software, and dividing it against the common street price. And of course, this could be database driven so that users can construct their existing machine profile, then add/change components out of the benchmarked toolkit, to see how well the tweaked machine would rate.

    That's my two cents. Of course, Tweaktown seems to have tons of stuff that I haven't read yet, so if that's something you do already, my humble apologies. (and what's the url?)

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