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Thread: nVidia + Sunbeam Tech + Xoxide Input Global Competition

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    Hey, errr. I must say that while your site is the best ive seen for content, it leaves a little to be desired on the design. For instance:

    Way too much bare text on the main page. Graphics are a way focusing a users attention on certain objects. They can also be used so users can quickly identify items they want to read. This could be implemented by using small images related to the topic, with the artical posts, ie

    Search could be ordered topically (as it is now) and then chronologically.

    Limits placed on forum sig image size. Thats right, im talking to you DAN :p

    anyway. thats my :2cents:


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    Actually, the site is perfect. The most important things and things that come first in mind are already settled up on this site. My compliments!

    I don't really need something, but it might be an idea to create after every tweak guide you guys made, a form. A form where people can fill in multiply choise and/or open questions. Things like; Did it improve? yes/no/little. Did you came among any difficulties, we might need to explain further/better? yes/no etc.. You can think of many questions. Know what i mean? So if people don't really feel up like to post on the forum, then simply can anonymous fill in a form, if they want to. You might also want people to make them able to rate your tweak guide/review themself.


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    What to say...
    TT is really very good as it is..(sorry for my english.... I am from ItalY)...

    Really You can improve only improving the single treats... if possible!!??

    May be, if you have a lot of people from one country, you could translate some "very interesting" articles....

    Even if, I think, it is Ok like it is!!

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    Basically all of my suggestions have been posted. A PC Database would be handy, possibly a separate section to this database for overclockers, and that case modders database thats on its way ;)

    Underneath/above the Web Poll, maybe we could get a section for "Recent threads with 0 replies"?. That way, people get a little more help from the people that visit the main page that may know their answer.

    On the guides, reviews and article pages, a section up top that quick links to each section would be handy, so you can quickly scan over what sections you could read.

    BOTW could have a comeback ;)

    As has been mentioned before, I don't mind those larger, single news posts, but I also like the smaller, one news item per this one's a hard one :)

    Well, I'm probably sounding nit-picky (which I'm not trying to be, honest! :)), but theres a couple of suggestions for you anyways


    EDIT: Just another suggestion :) Maybe an IRC channel? Lets all the TT users interact in real time :)
    At the request of wiggo ;)

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    Overall, This forum is the best in terms of reviews and generally in terms of content. But, some improvements could be made by separating the configurations for AMD and Intel (motherboards/processors/cooling). The same could be made with the Nvidia and ATI/ other boards. This would surely help to easily narrow down the choices. It's much like organizing Mp3 into folders such as hard rock classic etc. noone will look for beethoven in the hard rock category. I think that this way, the users will read every single right review of the produc/category they're after, and not lose themselves searching every article. Keep up the good work. Best of luck lads.


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    Well I'm at work so I don't have time to read everyone else's ideas. So if I copy someone then I guess I won't get an entry into the contest.

    Overall I think TweakTown really looks nice. Very good graphics and organization. There is plenty of info in the reviews, news, and forums. I have been reading them for over a month now and I haven't even scratched the surface.

    An idea I had was that you take all your reviews of CPU/Modo combinations and put them in a large database that allows us to search it and see the results. This database of course will take time to setup the first time, but after the initial data input all you have to do is add info as you make new reviews.
    You could put in information about the systems like Ghz, FSB, Mb RAM & speed, HD, and other useful System specs, and have the benchmarks associated to that system in the database. That way we could for example pick 4 systems from the database and put up a webpage that lets us see how all those systems compare in benchmarks.

    I don't know if this has been done, or if it's even feasible, but it's an idea.

    Good Luck everyone.:wave:
    I have an old piece of crap PC that hopefully will get replaced before my 3 year old graduates from High School.

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    I think Tweaktown is great, i recieve my newletters and i love it, i love being up to date!!!!

    I an frequently using the forums for all my questions, man it work well, and i get so much information there!! Keep the good work by ansering all those questions!!!!

    I Would like to see more reviews of older products, like budjet processors for overclock, budjet videocards, etc.

    Also a section on projects would be fun, from tweaktown and from members! This would be great!

    THX for all TweakTown!

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    TO make tweaktown better the site has to develop a more concise identity. All the other popular tech sites, like tomshardware, guru3d, newoin all have strong identites and know what to expect when they go to the site. Tweaktown does not have that effect on users, it mostly has reviews and headline news that was on the other tech sites hours earlier. To improve thes site i think you should strive to incorporate more tweaks into the site, having an accesable tweak section, possible develop a tweaking program like riva tuner/neotweak and also have a downlaod section with usefull downloads, like tweaking applications, like xp smoker.

    I think guides/explanations on how to tweakcomputer hardware/software should be the main empahsis of the site, instead of reviews of hardware, although the reviews still should be kept.


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    Ummmm, OK.
    Here's an idea that I was gonna use on my own page. ...
    An easy reference page of download links for free tweaking related programs. These could be "TweakTown Approved" links such as mentioned in the articles (Adaware,RegCleaner,etc) categorized for intended use, the newest drivers>BIOS>Firmware updates for common hardware... Links could also be posted by the members, but to prevent abuse, perhaps a rating system could be used, or a place for comments about compatibility, usefulness, bugs and issues, SPAM, etc.
    I have spent SOOOO much time looking for and collecting these very useful utilities and programs for my own machine, but seems to me it'd be handy for newbies and oldbies alike to have a reference page with it all in one place. If you're looking for more traffic, that'd bring a lot of folks here...and back here too. :2cents:
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    Gee, I was wondering why the number of active users was up. I think I've discovered why!

    I was going to leave it at that and post a recommendation at another time, but then I realized that I do have a suggestion: Conduct monthly give-away contests of really neat computer stuff from your favorite sponsors. Be sure to advertize the contests on the TT Home page...

    More later. :)

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