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Thread: nVidia + Sunbeam Tech + Xoxide Input Global Competition

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    First things that pop in my mind:

    1. MORE LANGUAGES: if the sites gets international visitors it should at least be written in spanish,german,italian and french.

    2. More Smilies

    3. More space for user avatars

    4. More contests

    5. Opinion articles, not just reviews of stuff, criticism.

    6. More technical help for for tech newbies.

    7. A Send this article to a friend and a printer friendly version option for articles.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Well one thing for sure I can think of to improve the site is.....

    When i try to view the OLD News Items by going to the bootom right corner of the front page and select view ALL. I get NOTHING!!!!

    I have pointed this out to Cameron on at least 2 occassions, and it still doesnt work. Does anyone else have this problem? Or am i just from jupiter or something. It doesnt matter whether i look at it from my Mobile, alabama office, or my new orleans office or my home in Pensacola. it always is the same. and thats on 3 different ISP's and 3 different computers with 3 different operating systems.

    but the all use IE 6.

    Other than that I love the site. I read it almost every day.

    I wish you had more reviews by your staff, but i understand you dont have 100 people doing reviews for you. I would also like to see more Roundup reviews. It really helps when making hardware purchasing decisions for my company.
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    I think Tweaktown could use a "Classifieds" section where members could trade/sell their good used hardware . People are always looking fo deals for completing that so-called other PC/RIG . Also a "Wanted" section under the same "Classifieds" header would also be good .
    To help avoid any Trolls , everyone would have to sign up for a "HEATWARE " account before any trading transactions could actually take place .

    I also think an "ONLINE DEALS" section would be VERY cool , letting everyone post great or cool deals that are strickly found online for us geeky types :thumb: .

    My .02

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    Hmm... what can I say to win that awesome prize:drool:

    The only thing I can think of that is not a minuscle comment is that the Main site should have a few more reviews and more how-to's, also I think it would be great if a database was integrated so users could search review ( : ou could look for the highest rated video card under $200 from the last 6 months) and you could have a few charts that were updated with (instead of ratings) benchmarks from many of the (staying with the same part) videocards, so that users could look for the fastest, not nessacarily the highest rated.
    I have one more comment, maybe a new review system with instead of stars a number system from 1-100 with seperate catagories such as:
    Performance- 91
    Stability- 85
    Value- 89

    Overall- 88
    Then in the database that I mentioned above you could be able to search for the (again) videocard with the highest rating in performance, stability, value, or overall.

    Well, those are my ideas.
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    This is a great website, but I think it would be really nice to have more reviews on hardware. I think it would be great if you guys started something similar to THG did with their VGA charts; and even better if you guys kept it updated with all of the latest benchmarks. It would be nice to have a place that always shows you a roundup of all the latest benchmarks besides THG :).

    Yeah, and more tech support in the forums for all the PC noobs out there like me.

    Thanks for all the hardwork you guys put in :thumb:

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    Overall the site organization is awesome. You could divide the hardware forums into subcategories, i.e. under motherboards you could have separate forums for different mobos (asus, asrock, ecs, etc). That way it would be easier to follow threads specific to the hardware.

    Keep up the good work!

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    How about a section where graphic artists can share their experiences and advice? :wave:
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    there are dozens of forums like Tweaktown (and some are almost as good!). But none has improved on the common ability to provide information, or to view problems, on specific functions, with a variable degree of focus. :?:

    Each successive visit involves a troll through the intervening days' entries of a broad category - pages and pages and pages. Or else using the Search facility repeatedly with different words each time. :zzz:

    How about coding each post according to, say, a dozen categories ,which would be different for each forum. Then one could obtain a page of posts relevant to "Win98/EPoX/AMD/shutdown/lockup", for example in the Windows forum, or "Cooling/HSF/Athlon/mounting" in the Cooling forum. The poster should include all categories, whilst the searcher could omit some to broaden the search. :wow:

    Don't get me wrong, I love perusing the posts - but I don't have the time to scan (and poke into!) them all, and like Homer (Simpson,that is!) each time I note something new, I forget something I was remembering.........: omg:

    Even so,Tweaktown Home plus Forums is a Blue Chip Site.:thumb:
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    I have not read what other people have said as of yet, so if I have said something that one of you guys already have, I'm really sorry! :wow:

    1. This is probably my main criticism against TT atm and it really stops me coming to TT regularly. It is the fact that the home page takes me a very long time to download and even though there are a lot of people with cable and ADSL out there, there are still a lot of 56kers (in my case 28k) out there who have to experience the same thing. I suggest you perhaps you cut the news section regularly so we are not loading something most people have already read. As we speak, there is news from the 24th of June still. I think it would be ok to limit it to a week wouldn't it? If you still want to keep some of these articles, you could put it in a separate folder (or section) so people can view what they may or may not have missed.

    2. When testing a piece of hardware, you should always try to use the same software and maybe even the same computer and keep this 'test computer' for about 6 months until you can upgrade it again. This way we can get more accurate results if we want to compare say a Radeon 9800 Pro to an FX5900 Ultra. When talking about software, you should also try to use the same benchmarks and the same settings within the benchmarks and, again, use these benchmarks for period of six months. After this period, you can then obtain better benchmarks and hardware. This is mainly for those who want to compare products, but only products that are reviewed at your site with the same benchmarks and computers.

    3. With the news itself, I think this is possibly one section that is greatly overlooked by TT. I believe yes, there should be 'main' articles at the front of the page that you feel that are most relevant to most people at TT. However, there are lots of little minor articles out there that I feel you may be neglecting and this is what a separate 'News' Section could be for. All you would really need to do is get all these little articles, have a little bit cut out and pasted which would describe what the article is about, and then the link to the article itself. Also, you could have something within this section called 'Coming Events' (or it could be separate) which would outline the major (maybe minor) events that will be happening with TT or just the PC industy in general such as Computex. Oh, and we shouldn't neglect the news about TT! Or is that sort of info always going to be on the front page anyway... :P

    4. With the articles, guides and reviews section, these are increasingly becoming bigger, and because of this, this database should be organised more efficiently for better access overall by us. It is especially a pain in the large reviews section where you have to scroll all the way down a page to get to a review a want, a bit old fashioned IMO. I am not sure how you should organised this, but I think for now, you should just have separate links to 'Motherboards' and 'Video Cards' etc. You just click video cards and then you are linked to a page which lists the video cards that have been reviewed from A to Z. That bit is up to you guys of course!

    5. I am not sure if you are just picking excellent products to review or you just don't want to find bad things about a product. When I look through the review section, there are very few products (if any at all) that actually get very low marks. Nothing is perfect and the reviews section doesn't seem to really outline this. I think you really need a system of points so that we can actually get an idea of how well products scored in your opinion. Personally, the difference between 9.5 and 9 seems minimal, unless you think that everything so far has been pretty good. If that is so, then you can count this bit out. There needs to be an overhaul here somewhere and I think getting a whole new reviewing system is the best way. These days, with tight competition, you can not just simply just give a special number to a product that you have reviewed. You must review it based on different groups such as performance, ease of use, installation etc, and then obtain an average out of all the other variables.

    6. I also think there should be a projects section or something that you guys are currently working on or included in this section could be details on what you guys think as the 'Ultimate Computer'. This hypothetical computer would have no limit in funds but it would be based on what an ultimate gamer would buy. Not some thing that has Dual P4s and a graphics designer card. In this project section, you could also include what reviews you are currently working and perhaps even when they are due to be posted up. Also, you could describe some places you have recently been like Expos and Computex if you go to these, but then again, this could have its own section!

    7. How about an 'About Us!' Section? I mean, yes there is a 'Contact Us' section but people wouldn't really think about going here to see TTs history as this is usually the section for when you want help or would like to congratulate someone. Also, perhaps more pics of you guys just being yourselves at a regular TT party or soemthing. We are all human! This separate section would just be ideal for any true TT fan. :P Mission Statement: Has TT got one that sums up what TT is trying to achieve and its goals etc? This should be for everyone to see and would be a perfect fit for this proposed 'About Us' section.

    8. A minor part you could have on the home page is the 'most popular' section. This could have the most popular forum threads or the most popular reviews/articles/guides, or a combination of them all. I say this because if these are the most popular, then why not make it easier for others who would like to access the same page? It would be much easier than to keep clicking page through page to get to where they want to get to. I should also mention that this little bit should be on the front page probably just below 'quick links'?

    9. Members Secion. I think the forum really covers all the members of TT, however there may be really special members out there who deserve credit for something and it would really promote TTs interaction with the public. You could have pictures of people who would win competitions, or people with a really well modded up PC or similar. Again, this is up to anyones imagination but the members section I believe would have a lot of potential. If you had enough space, you could do what OCAU have done and have a computer entry database full of members PCs and thier specs with a pic. Really, this is a section that my mind is limited to!

    10. This is more of a question on my part, but does TT have an IRC channel somewhere? I mean, I haven't seen any on Austnet but an IRC channel would be great for those who need help ASAP. It doesn't really have to be for those that want help either, but want to discuss related topics and/or discuss common likes, dislikes etc. If not IRC, some sort of online and in-site chat channel that people can use to talk to eachother live.

    Otherwise, so far, the TT site is very easy to navigate the the reviews are usually pretty good as well and up to my standards at least. I mean, there may be a lot I would like to see with TT and I have typed as much as I can think of for the moment, but it would make for my ultimate PC Tweaking Site, so much in fact, that I won't have to keep checking other sites for their reviews and more news. I am also a reader of PCPP (and have been one for ages) and the Tech Section is finally looking as good as it TT! Anyway, this is what I can think of for now (2am, almost 3am), but I'm sure the creative juices will start flowing again some time at a later date (or more suitable time). The main thing I was trying to single out was your sites 'ease of use'. It still does have some issues, but once these are fixed, the Tweak Town should be really 1337!

    Stay consistent and keep steady growth!
    gg Tweak Town!

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    Well i see no problem with the speed of tweaktown, like i do on many other forums. I do think that it would be nice to have a live chat for all of the users that are on at a certain time, and maybe forums to compare the newest stuff that comes out with the older stuff, ex is Kt400 vs Kt400a, and XP 3500 vs XP 3800. Just a thought. So every time a new item came out an admin would post a topic where people can post there personal comparisons about the items.

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