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Thread: nVidia + Sunbeam Tech + Xoxide Input Global Competition

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    I'm back!:thumb: . And S.P.A.Mless. I love TT and there is very little to improve. So pointing out problems will be hard, and the problems will be little ones and very nitpicky.

    First the forums are great, they are a way to get information quickly and other people's opinions. But you do not emphasize on the forums enough. Like you used to link to the forums for articles by Weta. You don't seem to do that as much as you used to. Also your front page seems a bit disorganized. What I mean?--You don't have a lot of Tweak Town Content updates so why not put that on the bottom or onto the side and then put the "All The Latest News, That Matters!" on the top to make it look like things are changing on the site. At a quick glance it looks like the site is rarely updated and no one is managing it (even thought its obvious its updated often.) Also you should put a "banner ad" on other tech websites and maybe affiliate them better. I rarely see your site affiliated with other ones. The better the site (more views the site gets, the better the reputation, and the willingness of the site to "swap banner ads" Besides that the site's layout and reputation cannot be improved. Its a great site with great content and admins (my grudge against Beefy has been removed.)

    Now on ideas to improve the site itself. The site is very imformative and done professionally. But I think you need to devote a part of it to gaming. Most (NOT ALL) people who read this site probably play computer/video games. There should be a seperate section just for gaming. Most stuff can be put under just general computer, like monitors and sound cards. But stuff like Graphics cards, joysticks, keyboards, mice, and mouse pads should be reviewed and put under "gaming."

    This cannot be put under a catagory but you need to have a bit more guides/articles and reviews of products. You have a few a month but some sites have more and that is what attracts people to them. Also you should have some special cover of some just "fresh" computer parts/events. Like THG covering the Million Man Lan. Or maybe an exclusive on the newest Gforce FX gfx card. Anything like that to get site viewage up.

    Also a download section would be good. A place where applications and utilities. This way when you mention a utility/application in your guide/article/review/forum you can link to it. Also a detailed download section can improve the site itself overall. If you make it so the download section has lots of downloads with a brief explanation of what the download does (I.E. Spybot Search and Destroy is used to find and delete usage tracks. Also it removes most bugs.) Also it would be good if there was a short tutorial on how to use the application/utility to its foolest would also make the site better.

    Yes this would be hard and take a lot of coding, I mean elbow grease, but it pay off. It would make the site better for advanced users and beginners. Also beginners are always looking for a good site at which there is helpful (no0b terms used and things explained) and friendly (no people yelling at them for asking questions.)

    It would also be helpful to add a "newb section" or something like that. Where many basic things can be explained like terms and simple guides. Example for a simple guide: How to flash your bios. Or you can explain terms to make it easier for the beginners to learn. If they learn well they wont be beginners again and will inturn help the community which helped them. Which would be Tweak Town.

    Also, a section or article on what to buy. Like what do you consider top of the line products which someone should/could replace there computer with. In this section you should have a "king of the hill" or anything like that. The point of this is to prove what is the best graphics card, processor, motherboard. This would be a good way to recommend computer parts. Not only should you have the best of each catigory but you should have a "best bang for your buck" section for the budget minded computer user. Also you should have a worst of the season or worst products on the market. This way you can advice your readers not to buy/use the products. This will also provide an entertaining read.

    The point of doing this is to increase people viewing the site. If more people view more people will want you to be sponsors increasing viewage.

    Hope you like my ideas I really thought about them and tired to be original (I actually just posted a reply after reading the first topic, now I need to look at what everyone else said)

    When I think of more ideas I will edit this thread so please check back constantly. Expect it to be really big, I'm filled with ideas.
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    First off, the site is #1 in my book.
    Although I will add a few items:

    A)A printable version of the tweaks page made by PersionImmortal would be nice. Like a downloadable TXT file so people can go through them at their leisure.

    B)A section for just pics of everyone rigs. I would love to post mine, and see what everyone else has done to theirs to get some ideas on how I can improve up my design.

    C)I notice a lot of people sort of the same setups. Like the Epox ERDA3+ with a Barton 2500+ or a Asus A7NX with the same. Although a section where you can see what the best settings are for ocing would be nice. So you can see where to start, or how HIGH other people have gone, to give you a better idea on where to start, and where you can go OCing wise.

    D)Get rid of all the BS threads like you guys are already doing. We don't need to support Crackers, Warez, or any other BS here. No reason to have that stuff at such a great site.

    E)Have a thanks section to post thanks to the people that have helped out everyone the most. So people can post a thanks to "so&so" just to give kudos to the guys who are REALLY here to help others and do it all the time.

    I love the site, keep it up. You guys know what you are doing. By asking for more ideas and help on making it better, just goes to show how killer this site is. Plus YOUR dedication to making it better via EVERYONES ideas. And giving out prizes to boot. CAN'T BEAT THAT.


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    When I first started to visit Tweak Town I came for the excellent guides. The hardware reviews are great, and the news coverage is stellar. I think what people really are interested in is more guide. In my opinion Windows XP from reformat to relax is one of the *BEST* guides for computers I have ever read in my life. An idea is to encourage the people that were chosen to review products to write guides. I would LOVE to see the Ultimate Geforce guide, or perhaps the From cluttered to clean Desktop Cleaning guide. Maybe even a BIOS logo guide or two. The game tweaking guides are absolutly wonderful, and they attract many visitors. With a huge archive of guides I believe it could bring Tweak Town from good to great, if not the best PC hardware site out there. A second and not so important suggestion would maybe be to feature the newest and greatest linux distro's out there. I kind of view this website as PC centric, and therefore appealing to the population which are windows users. A linux guide or two couldn't hurt, and especially an introduction to linux/alternative operating systems guide that would hold the hand of the reader ever step of the way. A bi-annual summary of where linux is on the desktop market, and the best choices for a good linux workstation would be great.

    Thank's again Tweak Town, and cheers

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    How about translations of reviews from other international hardward sites (ie. most of the CeBit articles were in german)

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    Hi !

    Do you ever tought about doing the wonderfull thing in french or other language ?

    Well, maybe it's not a good idea since not that many people speak french, except here in the Quebec. We don't have site like you do, so if you could have a french version it would be nice, sinci you could be linked on major site here.

    So that was my idea !


    Jacques Bérard
    Joliette, Québec, Canada

    [email protected]

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    Here are just some ideas of my head.

    • Make the portal to be customized so that every user that visits the site sees all the reviews, or content of the site that he views everyday. More customized by the users standards and the way he set it up in his account. Also maybe a skin option.
    • Reduce the # of smilies in the forums port count. Their is too much even for my screen resolution. Your using VBulletin, so their should be a good MOD (HACK) out their so that you can post a certian # of smilies in the box and post a link to view more. Try and keep it at a 4x4 max.
    • I think if you don't go for the skin option for the portal, you might as well try and do a new redesign on the skin. It just looks too simple. If you need help on site design I would be able to help out.

    You must be in desperate help to make a contest just to get some help from the community...
    I know their must be some nice people on here that will help out for nothing...just a little underhand credit, if you know what I mean. *wink* *wink*

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    TT is pretty good, but there is just a few things that annoy me.

    Firstly, i would like to see some sort of limit on the signatures on the forum. I get annoyed reading posts, then i have to scroll down past 10 lines plus a picture to get to the next post. There should be a limit like 4 lines of text or one picture.

    secondly, This reply thing needs fixing. Im using 800x600 res and i have to scroll across the page to type in my reply. You should have the smilies like 4 of the most used ones on display, and then a link below them (saying something like "Show More").

    Ill probly think of more things later, but these are the main things for me.

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    I think the fact that we all keep coming back is testament to the fact that TT is pretty darn good already.

    it's hard to nail down some ideas for improvement, especially one not already mentioned - but here goes.

    is there some way to promote more active involvement in the forums. I reckon there is a wealth of knowledge in the user group but it seems that the regular 10 or 12 people do most of the posting.

    I am guilty of not doing enough myself. is there some way to encourage the silent majority to contribute more of their accumulated knoweldge to the community??

    just a thought.

    OK so my signature is lame - I can live with it!

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    • The site seems to be a post-nuke sort of set up... how about some different styles to choose from when we've logged in?
    • More guides, of course. Open up a user-submitted guide section and farm the forums for the guides. Mabye have some points systems for people who submit high quality guides?
    • Convert to slashcode. (Click here for info)
    • This site would be enhanced exponentially if I were to win this contest.
    • Hack the forums to give more functionality. Hacks here, in abundance

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    The one thing I think would make this site better or even stand out from the other sites out there would be return reviews. Meaning 6 months after you reviewed this great new piece of hardware what happened with it? Did it turn into a piece of SHi*? Is it still working like the day you bought it? Has every new driver/bios flash created a new problem while fixing one of the old? Was it "compatible" with a new memory type or other hardware that wasn't yet on the market when you bought it and found out later it really wasn't?
    The shelf life of a Mobo in my house is 3-6 months ( not that they die I just upgrade often and sell the old) but I have had some that worked great for 2 months and then the problems start. I have also had one last 4 years of utter abuse and it still runs great. You can call it "WTF Happened to it?" maybe even let some of the readers review.....

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