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Thread: nVidia + Sunbeam Tech + Xoxide Input Global Competition

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    The main problem I experience when browsing the forums is that I have a slow 56K dial-up connection and all of the large picture files make it very hard to see the pages in any reasonable amount of time (it took me close to 5 min to load the first page in this discussion) So my suggestion is to make the large picture files into small, but still distinguishable, thumbnails that can be clicked on to load the larger more detailed picture. That way when browsing the forums it would not take forever to load the page, yet you would still be able to see the higher res pics if you wanted.
    I know you are probably sitting there thinking that I should just get a broadband connection and stop complaining. I would if I could. I live in the middle of a 2-Hour drive of nonstop corn fields, which means that there is no way for me to get broadband. And I am sure there are many others like me that either have no access to broadband or no money to spare for it.
    It might also help cut down on the amount of traffic on your servers by not using as much bandwidth and sending out smaller packets.
    Well there you have it that is my ideas and constructive feedback for your site.
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    Hi :wave:

    While I consider the site to be up to scratch
    as it is. I think that it might need to be upgraded
    to make it look more colourful and improve the
    layout graphically with more icons, pictures and smiles
    to choose from.

    One good thing could be is to separate the motherboards
    and graphic cards brands into their own section
    which will be easier to find. :thumb:

    Plus it will be nice if there were more reviews
    on aluminium cases and top brand power supplies.

    Last of all, I think you should add more of a variety of Avatars in the profile settings.

    But overall well done tweaktown for a awesome site ;)

    Cheers for now! :D
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    About 5 months ago I was going to make my own machine. I needed reviews on motherboards like the ASUS P4T533 (R, C and no option). However none was to be found here. Iwas dissapointed by that since I expected to be able to search for any component and find good help.

    So my suggestion is that you increase your archive of reviews to cover all components. And if you can't do that then if a member requests a review, or even help, then you get someone on the TT side to jump in and either do a review (if the component is that important but was just overlooked for a review) or give them a hand with any questions (if the component is not worth dedicating a staffer to a full review).

    Well, that's my :2cents: :rolleyes2

    Cheers :cheers:


    PS: you need more smilies :)
    - sweet
    my faith

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    My suggestions have to do with the Tweaking Guides you guys produce (which I have to say are excellent).

    Would it be possible to produce a printable version of the tweaking guide - all on one page, and without the links on both sides, so that it is easy to save (just one file), and easy to print.

    Also, on the last page of each guide, you have a Discuss in the Forums! link. Could you perhaps create a forum thread for the guide once it is created, and link that thread to the link you provide, so that all information, thoughts and questions about the guide are contained in one thread, reducing duplicate information and making searching on related topics much easier.

    That's all I can think of atm. Keep up the good work!

    EDIT: rewording

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    Hello , This is the first real tweak site i have really stayed with and find that layout and such rule . I am an avid gamer and love all the tidbits , not such the computer guy but you guys seem to make it interesting :blah: . Anywho ... i play on gamespy and it seems that the sounds they use to greet you and as you cycle through their site makes the site cooler because of the sounds . I am not an IT guy and do not know the needs of a sound generating page and if this is fesible in cost but , i think it would rock to hear an Aussi try to say my name .. You know GDay and all ..... lol It would sure set you guys apart from all the other gizmo gadget sites as more non- IT people are trying to fry their comps and we just love all the marketing shizzit that goes with it ... come on an orange power supply cover silly ( but gotta get me one ) ...............
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    I think at times the site is too eliteist and should offer more help to those just getting into computers. Hey we want the site to live on.....

    What about a special section for newbies to read. It could cover things like:-
    1) what is overclocking and tweaking pro & cons etc
    2) basics of tweaking and overclocking, what to read
    3) an introduction to tweaking and overclocking
    4) well you get the idea



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    This site was the first I found on google when I first built my computer, and the only one to stay on my favorites list.

    There are a couple of things that would be nice to make the site top-of-the-line:

    1. When looking for a certain review, it would be easier to have something like's search ability, where you can search by price, rating, keyword, manufacturer, things like that. Take a look at how they make looking for a certain case out of the myriads of others.

    2. Lots of sites use cookies (oh no!) to let the user customize the site, like shanging the colors or what-not. Though it sounds slightly frivolous, it just looks freakin' kewl.

    3. The deals page. I guess that is a big (or small) contributor to your much needed cash flow (unless you're all millionaires). It can be a place to save money, but finding the deal seems to be harder than it should be. Add a search bar to find the deal by product and/or price. It would make life easier.

    4. Lastly, don't disappear on me! I couldn't live without the site or the almighty forum!:thumb:

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    One of the gripes I've had with the site is how the archived guides and reviews are. Right now, the name of the product or guide is listed, along with the end score (ex., 8.5/10). However, the articles all lack dates. If dates were added to the end of the archives, it would relieve a lot of wasted time (as well as bandwith) on the part of people looking for recent reviews. For example, if I was searching for a heatsink/fan combo for a new computer, the reviews would be a great resource. However, a 9.5 heatsink made two years ago might be awful compared to even a moderate scored one recently. In addition, some other components like cases, memory, videocards, etc. might be discontinued. Also, especially in the case of memory, DDR400 reviewed when it first came out is very different from the DDR400 now (in terms of stability, quality, etc.). Anyway, it would be a great convienence to readers to have the dates of articles up front.

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    The name says it all: Tweaking is the thing of tweaktown, but I'm missing the news about graphic card drivers. I think, the real site for this is (until now) guru3d, but, the graphic card is in my opinion the number one part of tweaking a system todays.

    So get more competence in graphic cards, that will bring a great improvement for me and I have only one site to check

    : peace2:


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    Yay, more people than only myself are whinging about people with huge, stupid signatures. These forums are a nightmare to browse and i brought this up last year sometime but nothing was done and it just got worse. You can turn signatures off in the usercp guys. It makes it ALOT easier to read and follow a thread without the same huge picture showing up 5+ times a page under a 3 word post.

    Disable pics in signatures and have a 4-line limit or something. Discuss it amongst your admin selves.
    If you wanna see what happens if you let people go spastic with their sigs, try following a thread @ the 3dmark forums. Sheesh.

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