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Thread: Why doesnt any posts show up?

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    Default Why doesnt any posts show up?

    When im on, I onmly see like Main posts..


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    Default Re: Why doesnt any posts show up?

    Because with the last update someone saw fit to reduce the viewable threads down to the last day but go into your User CP and you can change that (most likely the reason for so little traffic here now as guests see almost nothing unless they know about the drop down box at the bottom of the page that will open each of the forums up further).

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    Default Re: Why doesnt any posts show up?

    That helps me too thanks. But exactly how do u do it?
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    Default Re: Why doesnt any posts show up?

    • click on User CP > Edit Options
    • scroll about two thirds till you see the Default Thread Age Cut Off header
    • change it to something like Show All Threads

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