In response to alternativesurf, and Nvidia fans that did not do there homework and got excited over the words DX10.

(Long review but can help in deciding over Nvidia and Ati)

This Ati card x2900hd is what I like to say is equivalent to the 8800gts 320mb not in power just in how the model lineup is 320 640 768...
The future is coming with its bad boys... Nvidia's 8800gtx bandwidth is 86 GB. Ati is set to release a 155+ gb of bandwidth video card (june 15th is where the date seems to be the launch of the 2 video cards im going to crossfire J. Including Gddr4 not gddr3 and a 512bit ring bus not a 384 bit bus and 1gb of ram not 768 and 65nm not 80nm (only on x2950xtx will they do this) core clock of 740 on the lowest model... (can't wait to see the first 800 maybe even 850mhz core!!) core clock of 8800 gtx is 575 and 320 Stream Processors vs. 128. With those 6 key features in mind it's always better to take your time and release the best instead of trying to be the first. If you owned a 8800 gts or gtx when they first came out you might as well of tossed all your money down the toilet. Worst drivers in history ><
As for heat issue the cards do run hotter but can handle it and more due its new pcb design so yes its hotter but it can handle it and more, 100c is what is said it can handle!
Power wise it draws more in but the better the video card the more it takes, if Nvidia released a card with Ati's specs im sure it would over heat and take more power. And these guys cleary show the ATI sometimes outperforming and sometimes a little behind vs. a video card thatís 3 models ahead! Once the 2950xtx comes out I can't wait to see the charts and just how far behind the Nvidia card really is. In the future Nvidia is coming with the 8900, but those are going to be released after the new ATI cards and are said to have the same specs as mentioned above! Nothing really changed just more garbage packed in.
I guess the plan was release first call yourself the best and when your competitor makes your cards look like childs play say you are the first!

I hope you enjoyed my mini article