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Thread: Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger

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    Default Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger

    Please feel free to comment about our story entitled "Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger"

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    Default Re: Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger

    You missed the Overclocking potential analysis and the analysis of the V-ranger software and its benefits(OC of course)
    I mean...there aren't any other boards that offer this feature ...V-Ranger editions form Biostar are the only ones

    i don't understand why is there a reference to Overclocking in the final table that sets the score if there is'n any in the whole review


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    Default Re: Biostar Geforce 8600GTS V-Ranger

    The 8600 line of video cards from nvidia certainly aren't deserving of their place in the 8 series line-up and are pretty weak overall, but this review is just pure bunk.

    I really get the impression that the reviewer knows very little about video cards, over-clocking, and just knowing how to write balanced reviews in general. Immediately before we even start testing the card, the reviewer is wasting concern over the layout and appearance of the box (of course its all pretty "standard looking", thanks for stating the obvious), needing cables for tv out (thats what the component cables are for, but you will likely need an extension), and not including a game in the box (do we really need an unwanted game that will likely raise the price of the card?). After this, the appearance of the card is talked about for a page and then it's stated that ati-tool should be used in place of the v-ranger for overclocking because of better artifact detecting. Huh? What about the fact that biostar's oc software can be used to overvolt, giving a much higher overclock? Nope, not mentioned here because the writer is either too lazy or doesn't have the know-how.

    Following this slip-up, the reviewer then only cares to compare the video card against one other card, the HD 2600 XT. Where's the balance here? How can anyone make an informed buying decision on a comparison of only two cards when there are so many others on the market?? After this, it's just laughable: each of the benchmark tests with graphs is followed by a Captain Obvious statement that adds nothing to the data, this goes on for about 12 pages. Once we're done laughing, we get some detailed thermal, noise, and power tests which would be right at home in a thorough review, but it's just out of place in this one.

    Finally, the reviewer shows us his incompetence in understanding the computer enthusiast market (or any enthusiast market) by stating that "the bottom line is that they [Biostar] should have released the card pre-overclocked instead of making people do it manually with the software provided." Hmm, isn't the name of this website "Tweaktown"? Gee, I wonder what "tweak" means? Please Tweaktown, don't let Shane write another review on this site.

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